Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heat is HERE

Yall see my little weather thingy?  The heat has arrived.  I turned on my bedroom ac when i went to bed last nite, and today, will run the other 2.  I shut off a big part of my house and work them like that, bedroom at nite, then off, the other 2 in the day, then off.  Works great for that utility bill.   I do the same with the heat.  Rarely heat the bedroom tho, like a cold one.

My son still hasn't been by to finish that paperwork.  I'm just letting it lie.  He knows he needs to do it.  Altho he did tell me his back was so bad Mon he was in bed all day.

This girl, his age,, that just delivered my prescription, was his gf for a while back in hi school, and her mom had always been my bff almost all our lifes.  She and i thot it would be sooo cool for them to end up together, but,,nope, not to be.  Since her son and mine, 6 days apart in age, had never married and had kids, we also thot it would be so cool,,if a youngun contacted us and said,,hey,,ur my grandma...I even asked mine once, if any kid had ever told him that he was their dad.  lololol.  We DID want grandkids...

I still haven't seen the geese out at the park, and it's getting too hot out there for me.  I lasted about 30 minutes yesterday.  Almost all of it has been cleaned up from that disaster on the weekend, just one Ben E Kieth truck bed there.  That's the budweiser company, the warehouse was built here.  Did i ever tell you about a beer truck roll over way back, gosh, about 1980?  We picked it up and guess what?   That truck was fully loaded, and not one bottle, or can, of beer could be used, had to be taken to the dump.  Let me tell you,,,it didn't get there fully loaded after it had sat in our shop for a few weeks,,,lmaooo.  We had beer running out our ears...hahahahahaha and so did all our workers...So what, if it had been shook up a little?,,We sure didn't care.  And that caretaker out at the dump?  Sold that stuff for a long time...

I'm still in the old blogger interface, don't know how long it will last, but,,,gonna use it as long as i can.  Nothing else going on,,so yall tc, and



  1. Having bastard grand kids may sound humorous to you.It is no fun growing up without your natural father, wondering why, WHY. by the tine I found my "natural" grandparents, I wished I hadn't. I found out why my mother never married my father, or had anything to do with his family.
    You meant this as entertaining, and it was hurtful to me. and many others who have gone through this. Shame on you

    1. You have to be BBC, no one else is that bitter, cruel, and mean.

    2. Put your name where your mouth is.

    3. Trouble I have not been able to go online for a few days now and after reading your latest post I wanted to read the reason behind it.

      Please do not think I am defending BBC, but from reading him in several blogs that I follow...I think I can certainly say that he would have never hidden behind an "Anonymous" post.

      He loves the shock value he causes and has never had a problem posting under his own nick. If not please refer to the terrible statement he made about God in Hermit Jim's blog. If I had had him in front of me I think I would of slapped him after reading such blasphemy.

      I think I am not mistaken in saying that the person that made this awful and tasteless remark was not him. I strongly feel this comment was made by a woman.

  2. Hey, I agree. A grandchild is a grandchild, and wonderful no matter the circumstances. It's pretty funny that you and your friend discussed it though.

    1. Thats what we thot,,,and i have one,,the only g'child i have. She was the most loved kid ever, from everyone.