Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blogger Interface???

Finally!!! found out how to set this back to the old interface.  It's a little gear looking thingy on the top right, says nothing.  If you click on it, there it is, a choice of old one.  Under the Overview tab.  Gosh,,,too early to do this.  That was AFTER i had sent off a comment about how much i hated the new one,,,hahahahah.

Talked to N this morning,,long time,,lol.  Her setting hen lost all her eggs, just a few days before they would have hatched.  No idea how.  There were just broken shells left in the nest.  The pen is too good for animals to get in, so maybe it was one of the other chickens.  She's gonna separate them next time.  She was laughing about putting seven dust on em, for mites and ants.  Just one didn't seem to mind.

Did i mention these horrible bites i've had on my legs from the knee down?  Well, 2.  Was getting a little concerned about one, but this morning it looks a bit better.  Itched like crazy, been using an itch cream for days.  Had to have been spider bites.  I changed all my bedding yesterday, down to the mattress, not because of that, just cause of time, so maybe that will help.

I really really need to go to that HEB today.  I did fill my car up, which i do when it's halfway down, and ran it thru the car wash.  That's been overhauled and works a lot better, but that spot free rinse doesn't work.  I have spots to prove it,,lololol.  The force of the water shook the car, so it cleaned lots better.  Don't much care about the body part, but when my windows get bad,,that's it!

Yall tc, and



  1. Unfortunately for you, I guess, is that as soon as Google completes the conversion of all users to the new Format later this month, the old interface will be disabled completely.

    In the meantime, switching back to the old format will probably result in problems as the different formats run into competing functions.

    The old format is going, going......

  2. Well shoot. I don't know where to look for that little gear thingy since you didn't tell me where to look. It ain't on my posted blog and I couldn't find it nowheres else neither.

  3. Hate to tell you, but the old interface is going to be permanently gone by the end of the month...I hate the new one, but getting used to it.

  4. Thank you for showing me how to reset it to the old interface because I could not find my blog list.

    Was going to moan and whine about it the other night when I did my post but was exhausted by the time I finished.

    Have I mentioned that I HATE change?