Monday, April 2, 2012

More More More


This is a big creek with a slab, just west of town in a development, that still has water.


And,,a century plant.


I don’t know what these blue flowers are, but so pretty.


For DD, pics of paint brush, mixed in with the bluebonnets.


I kept seeing this, there’s some across the street from me here in town too, and it looks like someone had just splashed paint out.  It is dead grasses blown over, but, unusual.


And,,, the new community center, with the inside arena.  Has to be ready by the time of the crawfish open, and I’m not sure of the date, but think it is the 20th-21.  I would think it needed 24-7 to do that.



My son called me about 6 pm, because he had just thrown up quite a bit of fresh blood.  I told him if it happened again to go to the emergency room!!!  It didn’t, but I worried all night, called him later, and then this morning.  The shots he has to take for his back, causes this nausea almost every time, but not the bleeding.  Almost has to be an ulcer, and I told him to get to a doc TODAY.  They are planning on going to CA THURS!!!  I will update later. 

Otherwise,,nothing going on…yall tc, and














  1. Nice pictures, I especially like the century plant. Will it die now that it has bloomed? Make sure your son get to a doctor, throwing up blood is not a good sign.

  2. Have no idea about that century plant,,and i darn sure will be on my son to see a doc today!

  3. My son just called and the earliest he could get in, was tomorrow at 2PM. Has not been any more bleeding tho. If he does any more he will go to the emergency room.

  4. Pretty pictures. Glad your son made an appointment and will be able to see a doctor soon.

    Reading your blog I see that your blog too is having some words highlighted. I swear when will all the changes with the blogs end?

    1. Words highlighted?,,,i don't see that. Wow.

  5. Hope he finds the cause and that the cure is fast and easy.