Sunday, April 22, 2012

Order of Nachos,,,With 3 Chips?

Gosh, i don't know how to tell anybody how to find that little gear thingy,,,i just click on design, and the page it goes to has it in the top right.  And what i'm hearing, not gonna last, but i'm gonna use it til i can't.  Then i might look into other options.  Sometimes i post from windows live photo,,maybe that will work.

About 5 pm yesterday i decided to go to HEB in Kingsland, and eat at the wonderful Mexican food place, so off i went.  Nachos sounded so good, and that's what i ordered, a 1/2 order.  I was in shock when it was brought,,,lmao,,it was 3 chips!!! loaded up with stuff, but,,,3???  I looked at it, and asked,,is this it?  The waiter then asked if i wanted a full order, which i said no,, cost a lot more, for 3 more chips?  Uh, no thx.  So, ok,,i scraped off almost all of the stuff, was too much, and ate the chips out of the basket with it, and actually ended up with a lot, eating it like that.  And they were really good.   Might just get them again,,,lolololol.

Got to HEB,  and wow, it was so busy, you could hardly go down any aisle.  I had thot the rush would be over by that time,,HA!  got worse.  Then checking out was a long wait in any line.  Didn't matter anyway, i wasn't in any hurry.  LOLOL,,,nearly got that way, cause i couldn't go to the restroom, they were cleaning them.  But i made it back home, got almost everything unloaded.  This was my  monthly trip.  It cost me 8.00 to go there, and i might save that much, but, there are things i can't find here,,like my liquid sweet and low, the charmin i like.  And coffee is so over priced here, i almost save 1/2.

I never made it out by the park yesterday so i don't know how it went for them,  heard Fri nite was free, and i didn't think there were many people there, so, with the overcharges for Sat, i wonder.  They fence off everything now!! and it cost you 10.00 just to get in, then the plates are 20.00.  I haven't talked to anybody that likes this situation.  Maybe they'll go broke,,hehehe.  Good ol CofC.  Used to be a fun and good thing, til they got involved.

Loved that little duck cartoon HJ had today,,,thx HJ!

Yall tc, and



  1. How far away is Kingsland from your house? I feel the same way about the Del Rio HEB, costs too much and I pay a lot less for the same items in Houston specially if I shop at their discount store Joe V's.

    Bummer about the three nachos but at least you made it work.