Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning Almost Gone

How can i just dilly dally a whole morning away?  I do it almost every day, lol.  First,,coffee and paper, then blogs.  Those blogs take quite a while you know.  By the time i get mine done,,i'm into the afternoon.  Have to check the tv guide too, catch movies to record maybe.

Haven't heard any more from my son, gonna text him later.  It's still early morning there.  Does Disneyland have a closing time?  Never thot about it.

There was a rescue call out at Enchanted Rock yesterday, then it became 2.  One 13 year old had fallen about 30 feet down into a hole, took a couple of hours to get him out, had to go down into it with rope.  He wasn't seriously hurt, tho.  The other was an 80 year old man that was taken to the hospital in the next county.    There's lots of calls out there, lots of people this time of year.  My son came back on that road a couple of weeks ago, and,,,there was a line of traffic 2 miles long, waiting to get in.  When he finally got to a back road turn off, he turned!  lol.

Coming back that way after going  to F'burg for Mother's Day, couple of years ago, we saw a huge rattlesnake going across the road, and less than a mile on, there were 3 old people out of their car on the side of the road the snake was going to, taking pics of bluebonnets,,,and we laughed all the way home about, what if we had told them about that snake?,,and how fast could they have gotten back to their car.  We know better than to wade around in stuff like that, at this time of year especially.

Nephew doing a BBQ tomorrow, with the egg hunt for all the kids.  Think i'll make my 3 bean salad, which he loves, and for that i need to go to the store.  The longer it marinates, the better it gets.  I always leave the leftover for him, but NOT in my bowl any more,,,lost my largest tupperware one that way.  I got some bowls with lids at Walmart not too long ago, but i don't like them.  Of course, at any of our family things, there's games going on all the time.  Moon, poker, washers, horseshoes,,just about anything.  All our kids grow up learning all these, so all play.  Might have posted this before, but way back, when my g/dotter was about 10, we paired up a lot of people for a washer tourney, about 20 teams, put her with a man that had never thrown a washer, and his face showed what he thot about that,,NOT GOOD,,,UNTIL,,her first throw!  Against my bro B at that.  He put 2 in, but,,so did she.  That game ended with her and p losing by 1 point.  If he had made any, they would have won that tourney. Like my bro B, losing to his 6 year old, and just handing over that 100.00 bill.  We just have lots of fun, and kids are included.

Gonna get dressed and think about that store trip.  Yall tc, and



  1. I see you have blog days same as I do.....spend the whole freak'n morn'n on them when ya should be do'n something constructive. But don't ya just love it?
    Weren't never no good at throw'n washers or toss'n pennies, but give me bout 10 shots of tequila and some darts.....look out bullseye.

  2. lolol...yeah, took enough beer to get that good here too. and yeah,,love the blogs.

  3. There isn't anything that comes close to Tupperware, but finding room to store the stuff is a problem. I remember when I stayed home with my kids when they were small, and going to a Tupperware party was my big night out!

    1. I look at yard sales, wish i could find the bowls. Have the 2 smaller of the set.

  4. You guys should of warn those older people. Maybe they were from the city and not aware of the rattlesnake danger.

    I never had any problem with my tupperware not being returned because I always write my name on everything(only child syndrome everything is mine). At work I even had my pens and pencils returned to me because I would put my address labels on them.

    This last time someone stole my old tupperware containers out of my shed in Houston. At least the good ones were at my mom's but the ones they took also have my name on them (they will probably say they bought them at a garage sale).

    1. Yeah, we should've,, and it still would'be been funny, they still would've run.
      Maybe i'll run across your tupperware,,,hehehe.