Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Car Fixed

The repair shop called me about 2;30, saying my car was ready to roll!!!  When they told me the bill was 211.00 for the new starter and the labor, i was sooo relieved.,,i thot it could have been 3-400.  Bro G took me up there to get it, and OMG,,there was his son there with his father in law's pu too.  The son has his OWN body shop, and has mechanics too.  He stays so swamped, couldn't even get to that one,,lololol.  And i know his prices are sky high,,lol but good for him.  He's the one that when you think about him, you have to grin.  Everybody does.  With him and my bro B telling about a trip they took, had us all rolling.  DO NOT go off with those 2! lmao.  You might laugh yourself to death....

This is just one story about bro B,,, and i'm still not sure whether it SHOULD be laughed at, but,,,who can help it?  There was a funeral for a 5 year old dotter of  a cousin's up in Sherman,,and somehow B ended up driving the car right behind the hearse.  He musta looked off, or was in la la land, and when he looked back, the hearse was gone, he had turned off and had the whole rest of the line behind him!  He wound on around, with all these other cars trailing along behind him like they thot he knew what he was doing, and lol and behold!! there went that hearse thru an intersection right up ahead.  He turned right in behind it like he'd done it all on purpose and the rest followed right along,,,,,somehow, they made it to the cemetery.  Now, you decide if that's funny,,,,i just can't help it.  Moral of this story,,DO NOT let B drive for a funeral procession.

Went and had that other test done for my potassium this morning.  The doc had said it was a little low the other day, and wanted another one in a couple of weeks, soo,,,it's done.  I think it's ok, when it's low i can tell, causes noooo energy.

My son's back is as bad as ever, that injection last week didn't help.  I'm waiting on him to come over so we can start on this paperwork for help, and i told him i would drive him to the place he needs to go with it.  We can fill out as much as possible, then they will help finish it.  It's just 50 miles.

That's all,,,yall tc, and



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    1. 100s of those,,,with him. Maybe put in one every once in a while.

  2. Well bro B ain't the only one ever do something like that. We was go'n on a fish'n trip, six car loads of us loaded down with beer, fish'n gear and lots of food. Gerry was already there but he gave me directions to the camp before he left. Piece of cake....directions....easy. We caravaned with me in the lead since I were the only one knowed how to get there. Somehows I missed a turn an' on down the road we all went. Gerry found us bout 4 hour later in a little town at a local beer joint 20 mile from camp.

  3. I missed you today! Hope all is well. Angwustio

    1. Why THANK YOU!!! I forgot i didn't post, was deep in paperwork. lol.