Monday, April 16, 2012

Then, and Now


Remember the first ones,,,,,


This is what they look like now,,,all pods.


My first doodle bugs too.  See all the trails?  Trying to find the exact right place,,,There were 2, will be lots and lots more.


My car battery is definitely acting up.  Put a new one on in 10-11.  Was trying to remember but you know, maybe I think it was a year ago, and it might be 4,, Looked in my blogs,,,,and there it was,,,Oct. 2011.  That is so cool.  The record of my life.  Done almost daily.


My son brought all his paperwork by, and then forgot to look at my battery,,,I backed my car into the carport, and popped the hood latch.  O well, haven’t needed it yet.  I am going to see if I can figure out where he needs to go for the medical help. 

MsB, I was always the one holding the camera, so I don’t think I have a single pic of me on my bike.  It was a small yamaha, street and trail, cause that’s what we did, rode trails, etc.  And no, I didn’t look like a biker chick,,lol.  People said I was crazy, gonna kill my kids,,,all kinds of stupid things back then.  I also had a 3 wheeler for a lot of years too.  Look back on 4-17-11 about some fun things,,BIKER MEETS WE HOSTED,,, Never did learn to wheelie either one!  and I tried.

Ok,,gonna git, make some phone calls,,do something,,lol,,yall tc, and





  1. Trouble thanks for referring me to that 4-17-11 post, really enjoyed that especially reading about the teenie weenie contest...jajajajaja!

    Well you know what you tell the guys if there is no picture...we are going to hold you accountable too :)

  2. I remember reading about your battery replacement back then.

    I love having my blog as a reference point especially now with my CRS syndrome :(

    1. My bro came by and it won't start even with a jump, so we think it is the starter now.