Friday, April 27, 2012

Not Much For Today

Looks like the Big Bend guy was just a passing phrase.  I hated to take off a couple of my favs that i had followed, but they just weren't there any more.  Wish HoboJoe would show up sometimes, let us know how he's doing.  And i know BBs son was way overloaded with life, and these blogs take a LOT of time.  Lots more important to tend to his family.

Here it is Friday aaaa gain...where does the time go?  Tues brings in May!!!  Where do the years go?  lololol.  I'm not busy, so how does the time go by so fast?

Got into helping my son do something else,,get tickets for a show this weekend in Cedar Park, but,,,,he waited too long, now he's gonna have to drive to Georgetown to get them.  One day sooner could have gotten them thru email.

 I turned all that paperwork over to him to finish, the medical ones.  Can't get him to come by long enough to get it done, so now it's with him and he can finish.  That Medicaid app is probably 20 pages long.  And the state plan for insurance PCIP, is not bad.  They have to take pre-existing conditions.  So the best thing for him is do both, use the PCIP til he gets the other.  That way he can go ahead with the necessary back problems.  If he gets his app and everything in for PCIP by the 15th of a month, it takes effect on the 1st of the following one.  As far as i could tell, it was the best solution.  I know waiting on Medicaid approval could take a LONG time.  It didn't come with his disability cause of a life insurance policy with a cash value that put him over a line.  He didn't even know he had it, the cash value.  Guess what,,he won't have it for long,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


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  1. Yeap, the year sure has gone fast and I am not busy either, well not like when I worked full time plus all the overtime that we were forced to work as well.

    I too have been thinking about Hobo Joe even mentioned him on my blog today...great minds think alike :)