Friday, April 13, 2012

Kinda Lost a Day

Long day yesterday, lots of waiting.  Took over 2 hours in the doc's office.   Got the saddle block but not good news about what it needs.  Gonna be the most serious surgery he's had yet.  Now he's gotta get really onto getting the medical coverage he needs to do it.  The way he explained it, the 2 discs above the one pressing on the nerve, will have to be broken in order to straighten up the alignment.  What all that will take i don't know, we were in Luby's when he was drawing a picture of it.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I'll put more on here when i know.

I enjoyed the drive, and i did all, haven't been in SA since his last surgery and that was when we got iced in.  Driving in San Antonio is not near as bad as Austin.  Just before we left, his back had locked up again and he hadn't had any sleep.  The flowers were just outstanding.  We didn't stop because we had left a little later than planned, and coming back, just wanted to get home.   Got home a few after 8.  We did take a few minutes and stop at a huge HEB.  He wanted to pick up a few things for his gf.  In the seafood dept.  I was told that HEB uses fruits and veges grown here, not imported from Mexico, like Walmart does.  And their commercials show that too.  He's being cautious after that bacterial infection.

Don't ya love that pic of the doodle bug on BBs blog?  They always fascinated me, and i know i told you, they turn into a bug like a dragon fly.  See how small a one you can find...  We used to drop an ant in the holes, watch them grab em.  The sides are traps, ants can't get out.  I have a lot of them under my carport, but not yet, will be, tho.

We both got ribeyes in Luby's, but they were just kinda ok.  Mine was about a 1/3 of solid fat i had to trim off.  No special seasonings were added.  They brought them out, then went back for the potato or whatever, so by the time you could start eating they were just barely warm.  They didn't bring butter, sour cream, had to go back, no steak knife,,,had to go back, see what i mean?  Mine was med rare, his med well, and his was about 1/2 the thickness of mine.   Like it shrunk while cooking.  O well, will know better next time.  And this could have been just not a good Luby's.  We went there a lot when the kids were young,  they had something for everyone.  The boys would get the main entree and split it, then splurge on dessert.  lol.  That was before we found that Poncho's, all you could eat......hahahahaha,, they just ate with that little flag up.  It was out on Burnet Rd, in Austin.

NO, I'm not hungry, just ate,,,lololol.

Got that meeting today with city ppl... trying to not forget,,

Yall tc, and,



  1. Had a few lessons from Lubys myself. And in different locations. They all the same to me....poor. But that's my opinion.

    So sorry bout your sons back. As you know, I have the same (or close to) problem with my back. The last injury never healed, so I'm stuck with constant pain.....what I've grown accustomed to. Life ain't easy when ya got a back problem.

  2. Sorry to hear about your son's back. My son had a bunch of bones sealed together. An X-Ray of his back looks like an inventory of a hardware store.

    1. Yeah, his is joined like that almost the whole length. This will just add some more on the bottom. He lights em up like a Christmas tree with those security wands. He did say the airport ones don't do that now.

  3. Sorry to hear about your son's back, hope he soon gets the medical coverage needed so he can get his surgery.

    Luby's in Del Rio before they closed was pretty good. However the three I have gone to while in Houston were AWFUL!!

    1. I should have gotten my usual, the baked fish. The veges looked really good.
      He's going to some place next week, to see about the help he needs. The last 2 were covered by SSI, so he will start there.