Thursday, November 13, 2014

Can't Sleep

Was told the steroid meds can do this. I saw my doc Tues. and she gave me the pills that will last a week. We tried another breathing treatment with that nebulizer but didn't help either. I'm seeing a specialist Monday, see if he can tweek (her words) my meds, and if i need anything at home for treatment. I also told her i would do a sleep study, and i really hate the thot, but, maybe it's necessary.
When i got up this morning my 02 was 89, then 90, so the pills are taking effect.

My brother came by and put on the AC covers, the old and the new, so i didn't have any icy wind blowing in. That wind is still blowing! Freezing tonite. already in the upper 30s.

I had my house cleaned yesterday,, and ooo boy, does it look and feel good. Especially the kitchen. She's gonna come once a month, which will help so much. I just look and think, gosh that needs done.. lol. Used to clean once a week, everything. Took me half a day just to change my bed, and put my electric blanket on.

It's so late. I made myself some hot chocolate, and ate some kind of little bar thingy. Apple flavored, crunchy. A snack always makes my sleepy.

Got these from my 6 yr old niece,,she's the greatest. I call her Lizzy Dizzy. lol

I taught her how to make jello, and then she had to do it all the time.. lol. When she was 2 i showed her how to tie her shoes, and she DID IT. also showed her how to tie water balloons, she did that too! Smart kid. They moved about 16 miles N of here, so i rarely see her any more. Sure miss her AND her little sis.

Had to get the card up too.

Good nite all, tc

Sleep good


  1. You are blessed with a wonderful Niece who loves you and sends you hand made cards and things. Lizzy Dizzy, now why does that sound familiar? Hope you get your breathing straightened out.

  2. Not yet. Had to get up during the nite, couldn't sleep lying down, was why i got up. It's good during the day.
    Sometimes it's Lizzy Tizzy, lol.

  3. Prednisone will not allow you to sleep, but it will make you so hungry you would swear you were pregnant again. I hate the stuff and give it an appropriate amount of fear and respect because I was on it for so much of my young adult life. I've been reading some wonderful attributes for Oregano Oil until I ordered some last night. SUPPOSEDLY, three drops a day in an empty gel capsule, or hidden in a spoon of honey (it tastes ungodly) will loosen phlegm and chest congestion. I'm a coward, but if I need to, I'll give it a try.

    1. no chest congestion, just maybe swollen airways. Doc's trying to get an ok for symbicort, insurance has to approve it. Not sure if i want to take that or not but would til Monday.

    2. USE it. It's an inhaler, but has to do with Advair, which i sure can't use.Made me have pneumonia.