Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back Again

Just saw a road runner out in the street coming home from the post office, running into the yard where they used to nest,,, They're BACK... love those silly birds.

Had this almost finished, and just touched something and it alllll went away... makes me not want to redo for sure.

I changed companies for my diabetic supplies, and had to take the ones i had to the post office, sending back for credit.  The meter never worked right from the start.  That's what i've done today,,, lol.  Called the new company and got all set up with them.

My son took my car yesterday, put freon in the AC, changed oil and filter, and rotated the tires.  I'm good for a long time.  The AC needed it last year, but, didn't get it done.  My car is a 2003 so i don't think it will leak out any time soon.  Took all these years to get at this point.

I bought a bottle of salad dressing at Alco a few days ago, and took a bite yesterday and OMG,,, i was burning... lololol.  It has jalapeno in it.  Now, gotta get another bottle just to eat a salad meal.  I can't tolerate hot at all.  So instead of a salad lunch, it'll be another sandwich.  Maybe, salad for supper.

My sis has been without TV for a few weeks, and her antenna she was hooking up, wouldn't work without that box for older TVs.  She put a tv on layaway where she works, Alco, but it'll be another couple of weeks to get it.  So, i loaned her my box, and she called later and we went thru everything i could think of, and she's just getting one channel.  During the nite, it hit me,,, you know how something keeps niggling at ya,,, i think there's a switch on the back of her tv that needs switching.  The channel she gets has a huge tower just outside of town so that's why she's getting that one, i think.  Anyway, i'm gonna call her later when she gets off, and tell her to look for that.  I have one TV on my antenna, and had to get that box when they switched to HDD.  The other 2 i have, are on the cable and had the HDD.  Have i confused everybody?  lolol.  I've had to use that little TV sometimes, too, when the cable goes off right in the middle of something.  It gets all the locals.

Yall tc, and



  1. Could you dilute the hot dressing with some mayo? I've used it before when I added too much spice.

    1. My g/dotter was here and took it, they like it. I had thot about doing that, tho.

  2. That is great that you have road runners nesting on your place. We use to have them until we got too many new neighbors building houses around my place. Don't even see deer anymore.

    1. I never see deer, but they come up from the river sometimes, see tracks. I don't sit in front of my windows any more, and miss a lot. Need to move to that room again.

  3. Only place I see road runners these days is in Terlingua...we had some here when my parents first built their house, now there are too many people.

    We still have the old analog TV's where I tape my Brasilian soap operas that are beamed to the border since Mexico has not gone digital like we have. Guess when they do, I will only be able to watch my old VHS tapes on them.

    We have cable on the HDTV but I still have not figured out how to hook up the DVR/VHS combo I bought years ago, lol :D

  4. The new ones do NOT come with tuners,, lol, found out the hard way. But i did find one online, and was fixing to send it back, when i talked to another tech and in a few minutes, he had me going. So,, maybe you can find someone to help you do that, or look on youtube. I did that with the box for analog converting to digital. Told me how to operate it, i had forgotten.