Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Easter Spell?

Always heard there would be an Easter Spell, and this sure  seems to be it.  High yesterday as far as i know, was 60.  I had heat on til i went to bed.

The girl had a 3rd surgery on Fri,,, i think, and she is moving her fingers now, which is a miracle.  She also called my nephew to assure him there is no fault finding.  He and his gf are going to see her
today.  In his mind he will always be at fault, and live with the "ifs".

No plans today, and we got a sprinkle of rain early this morning.  And, it's all gone now.  There ARE bluebonnets all over, but i think it would have been all blue if there had been more rain.

And, wow, it just started raining,,, lol.  Lightly.

The wind blew a big limb off a tree onto my roof.  I had kept hearing a noise during the storm, (almost storm) Fri nite, and my 2 bros came by and got it off yesterday.  Now it's laying by the curb, not sure what to do now.... hope the city will pick it up.

The country music awards come on tonite, and i'll probably watch them,, for a while anyway.  Love Blake.  The judges are hilarious on Voice.

Got up and came back, and now i lost my train of thots,, lol,, so yall tc, and



  1. Glad to hear that the girl is starting to get better. Hope she gets back to normal real soon. Yes, your nephew will never get over it completely but will learn to live with memory.

  2. Yeah, he will. And she has a story to tell the rest of her life.

  3. Indeed being able to move her fingers is a miracle...hope for a speedy recovery.

    You certainly are lucky to have gotten some rain. Did not see too many blue bonnets between Del Rio and San Antonio either...the drought has been bad in this area.

  4. rain = .01,,, lol. Still a really small chance tho.

  5. Trouble, I re-sent the recipe, let me know if you get it.

    1. Did,, and thx!,,, Probably fgot it the first time and missed it in all the spam i get...