Saturday, May 10, 2014

Been a While

I don't know how i ever did a blog daily.  Even now, it seems there's nothing to say.

I left the house yesterday to get milk,,, got distracted i guess, and soooo,,, this morning i didn't have milk for breakfast.

I've pretty much been staying in out of the heat.  Where i used to get out and go to the park, or somewhere, now,, too hot.

The last 2 mornings, i've gotten up with fire ants on my kitchen counter, and had to spray, clean, and hope they didn't come back...   Well today i used another product, supposed to leave a guard to keep them out.  We'll see.  I looked outside and can't see where they're coming from.  LOLOLOL,,, they're not as bad as the maggots i found one time... hahahaha,,, got out of bed, went to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, and just stared.  Right there on my counter was this HUGE mountain of maggots!!!,  Squirming around!  I just looked, got my coffee and left.  During that first cup, i was thinking about those darn things, so when i went back,,, i did look up above on the upper cabinets, and there was the source... wood ants,, dropping their larvae down!!!  Done it all night i guess.  There was a smaller pile on the other side of the sink.  I scraped all of em off, and threw them out..  No more ants!

Got this big vase of flowers yesterday,,, from my dotter, for Mother's Day.   So pretty.  Still hoping we get together tomorrow, tho.  Haven't heard nothing.

With all the rain in TEXAS yesterday,,, not a drop here!  Just kept going around.  Don't know whether i believe we'll get some or not,,, Mon-Tues.  Said 3-4"  HA.

O yeah,,, all my scanners have just become obsolete.  They've switched to digital, and i've been researching,,,  The one i think i want is called Homepatrol.  Says you enter your zip code, and it sets itself.  Gonna call Mon and talk to them with some questions.  A man here, told me there were 2 different ones, and you had to get the right digital one.  What i was seeing didn't say anything like that.  I have 4 operating now,,,lol, 3 gotten at garage sales,, but with the price of these new ones,, i'll have to make do with one.  Just over 400.00.

Ok, back to my chicken salad making.  O,, have yall ever burned eggs boiling them?  I KNOW better than to cook without my timer!

Yall tc, and



  1. What you mean you ain't got nuttin to talk bout? I find your posts very interesting 'cause ya write bout your daily life an' what ya been do'n. That's interesting an' makes a good blog.
    LOL to the "forgot my milk". Yup, I done that same thing many times. Go to the store for one item an' then forget WHY you are at the store.
    Sorry ya don't get to get out like ya used to. I miss the pics of ducks an' stuff down at the park.

    1. THX! I know i need to do more pics,,, don't know why i don't.

  2. Wow!! $400 for a scanner. Didn't use to be that costly. In the pat, I used my old scanners for the Ham repeaters. Then I updated to ham radios that would scan by themselves.

    I always enjoyed your daily blogs.

    1. I know DD,,, the last new one was 100.00. Analog,, tho.