Friday, November 14, 2014

Got a Good Nite of Sleep

Yep, so rare. I slept from 10-6, then dozed til 7;30. Wish i knew how i could do that sometimes.

Between my doc and the insurance company, i'm not gonna get that inhaler, not disappointed tho. With it connected to Advair. Seeing the specialist Monday and i can make it that long, i think, lol. If not, i'll go back to the ER.

It's been horribly cold here, and another Artic front coming Sunday. Hi in the 40s today. HEY weather, this is central TX! It's lost it's mind....

I sure miss MsB.

That''s all i've got yall, tc and



  1. Do ya rekon this sleep thing has something to do with "old age"?
    Speak'n bout Advair, I was took slap off'n it an' placed on Spiriva. I find it much better than Advair. Just a thought.

    From the looks of things, we gonna have us a hard winter.
    I miss MsB also.

  2. Been on Spiriva since i was taken off Advair.
    lol Doing a sleep test in the near future, and what i'm wanting to know, is, how did i do so good last nite?