Saturday, May 24, 2014

May Almost Gone!

Here it is, almost 11 am,, and it's 73*, and light rain, drizzle.  NOT 95-100*.

There's a lot going on this weekend, including blue grass music all day today on the square.  I just drove over there and not one parking place anywhere close enough to hear... So, back home.  I sure can't walk all that way, then no where to sit.  There's a big motorcycle meet just outside town too, i'll drive by later.

Heck, i love sitting here with my back door open watching the little bit of rain dripping off the roof.

My blood sugar just keeps on getting higher every morning.  It was 184 today.  I have an appointment with my new doctor for Wed... so i'll find out what to do.  I'm not eating different, nothing else has changed either, sooo,,, who knows?

I'm reading a series of books by Nevada Barr, about a park ranger.  The one i'm on has just covered her helping fight a forest fire, then going thru a firestorm, using the "tent" thingy while the fire went over.  Wow.  Learn something new in almost every book i read.  I always wonder how the authors get all that research done to write about things.  I know in this tech age, it has to be lots easier.

My bro B is bar b qing later today.  A nephew and his family are here from Sherman.  Well,cousin.  lol.
I keep getting better with my hips, back, all the time.  I walk excellent now, it's the muscles in my back that gives me problems now.  Not the joints.  That's why i still can't stay on my feet very long.  BUT,,, no pain walking!

Did yall know that you can't buy a hamburger at Sonics any more?  What you buy now, is a cheeseburger, cut the cheese for a hamburger!!  And of course, you're charged 3.79, and don't get a discount for cutting cheese.  Have any of you ever heard of such a thing?,,,

Well, that's it, folks,, tc, and



  1. I've read most of Nevada Barr's books. She was a park ranger for the National Park Service, so I think she must have easy access for researching. There are a couple of her books that were just too violent for me though, and I didn't read more than a couple of chapters.

  2. Oh, I so love blue grass music!! Tonight on the RFDTV channel there is a blue grass show called the Cumberland Highlanders. Always watch it if at all possible.

    1. Little showers were around most of the day, rained most of it out. Been raining really good since the wee hours, around an inch so far, more coming,,,

  3. I hope your blood sugar goes down and that you find out why the spike when you are not doing anything different. Wish I had the nerve to be able to poke myself so I could take my reading...but I am a coward.

    I think I read on Kinky Freidman's website that he was going to be in your area.

    I had never heard that about Sonic but it has been a while since I have purchased a burger there. I do not mind paying a tip if I am going to eat there but it ticks me off to have to tip when all I am doing is picking up an order.