Friday, December 5, 2014

The V/Q Scan

That's the lung scan.  I had to do research on the words, but what i got out of it, these tests were mainly for blood clots in the lungs, which my result is, very low probability of there being one in my lungs. Now, that's me reading from My Chart, not talking to the doc. Sounds pretty good to me, tho. Nothing about the heart one, yet. Had to go to my heart doc to be read, so i don't know when it will get to My Chart. (love this place).

Our health system started using that chart thing and it covers everything you do in this health system, available to you any time after you sign up for it. Shows future appointments, prescriptions, results of tests, gosh, everything. I use it a lot. Of course, it's all available to your docs too.

Wish i knew what i wanted to eat for lunch. My 2 major decisions every day, are: lunch and supper. I ate oatmeal yesterday, and just wasn't that satisfying. Maybe a grilled cheese, getting tired of those, too.

BB picked a good time to come back. Warm enough for the next week, and he'll be settled in by then.

I had forgotten how good John Grisham was to read. Back a few years ago, i had read them all up til that time, so now there's more. You just don't want to put em down. Then, there's new ones by Lee Child, another fav.

OKOK, nothing else to say, lol, so yall tc, and



  1. The UCD Davis Medical System uses MyChart. It's okay when you are in a big medical system, but sometimes I miss the personal care i found in my doctors in Asheville, NC.

  2. I like almond butter in my oatmeal along with agave syrup.

  3. At least you do not have to worry about the lung test.

    I do not like oatmeal but my best friend's boyfriend fixed us some for breakfast and added pineapple chunks to it and it was quite good.

  4. Hope all your medical tests turn out perfect. Wish I could find a competent doctor who 'cares' about the patient and remember who I am next visit. I'm thinking her OldAgeHeimer's disease is far in advance of mine. ;)

    I ate plain oatmeal for awhile and brought the cholesterol levels down to near "perfect". Yet I love it with sugar and real butter - there begins a problem.

    Lee Child - a very popular writer with my sil. Never a reader, only a hard working mechanic until forced retirement, he became a voracious reading pig last year, averaging a book a day - all Lee Child's.
    What would we readers do without our books! I began at three; haven't stopped yet. Ha Ha, no wonder why my eyes are dimming

    Dolly Parton started a program in state for children to receive a free book each month until age five. Great idea - an incentive for future generation to continue to learn. You betcha!

    1. Don't know what i'm supposed to do before all these tests are done, which will be mid-Jan. The sleep study is the 17th this month.
      How could anyone read a book a day?
      I've been a huge reader since 5th grade, discovered the library.

  5. He spoke to no one, kept his head in the books. Such a contrast to his normal self that I was flabbergasted. The man is still at it too. Starts reading at 6am during dialysis, comes home, rests a bit and starts reading again. Wife works at library and keeps him supplied with books regularly. Ha, he's just a late bloomer - I started at age three, learning from Gran's cookbooks.

    That sleep study was a flop for me. I couldn't sleep long enough for them to get any result. I fixed my problem. Got a bottle of melatonin, sleep like a stone now.

  6. I love oatmeal with sugar and raisins, but this diabetes over reacts to grains of any sort. So, with a 399 cholesterol, I NEED grains. Then they tell me to walk VIGOROUSLY. A 38 year old Doctor told ME to walk VIGOROUSLY. Hey, when your hips are prone to suddenly lock up, "vigorously" is not in my vocabulary. But I knew to nod my head and smile. Getting old causes one thing, the cure causes something else, and what are you going to do about it. Nod and smile.

    1. AGREE! Seeing my doc here, today. Lots of questions, and problems. My feet have bruise looking spots on the arches, just one foot, the other did and it went away. I think wearing a shoe is causing it, well, the napraxen i took. My tongue has an ulcer that's been there about 4 weeks, really bothers me. And, checking with her about my tests so far. Not thru.