Sunday, October 26, 2014


As tho it matters, lol. Nothing new to report. Son has one more of the neuro tests tomorrow, and maybe that will be all. He was told that so far the doc had looked at all the MRIs, nerve tests, etc, and hasn't seen the problem with his right side, from the fall. But, there was no test from the elbow up, and that's what will be done tomorrow.

I'm loving this weather. I have one window in the front room, North, that the new AC was put in, (in a hurry) and i'm trying to find someone to take the other one out of the wall, and put this one in. Not simple, the new one is smaller. My bro doesn't want to do it, has problems with lifting, so i'm looking. Left a message this morning to be called about it. But this is the guy that overcharged me for the front doors so i want the price first,,, lol.

Just saw this guy eat a maggot on TV, on Dirty Jobs, making bird food,,,lololol. Watched earlier, how they made marbles. Now they're on spider food,,,,

Don't remember if i told you i got a new scanner, but anyway, thot i would order another 110 plug for it so i could move it around without using the batteries. HA, got the thing yesterday, and it's a cable to plug into a computer. After talking to the company, asking WTH did they send THAT for, he told me he would credit it back and not to send it back. Gonna check at radio shack now. Heck might have one around somewhere. Not that i can ever use that thing. The original kit has a plug to go from it to the computer.

Watched a good movie last nite, The Majestic.  Had Jim Carry in it, who i can't stand, BUT, this one is a drama and he's not acting stupid. Didn't know he did that, lol.

I've watched things about houses being invaded with things, and even one was with garter snakes. Thousands. Never knew if it was true or not, but then, i saw on the news about one that really was, with them. The people moved out so it could be treated, hope they show a follow up.

OMG showing now the spiders being milked,,,they can have it.

Got some kind of beef cooking, trying to get it tender enough to make stew. lol, been in the freezer so i don't remember what it is. Doesn't matter, after it gets tender it will be ok.

Ok, i'm babbling, so yall tc, and


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