Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sugar Daddy?

Gosh, i'm wearing myself out, swatting flies!  Is there no end?

Already been out to the $Store,,was going yesterday, but,,,huge rain started again, so i didn't stop.  Had enough getting drowned...  I poured out 4 3/4" yesterday after it had stopped,,,didn't want it overflowing, making me lose count.  G was here "helping",,,telling me he had just a little over,,,hahahahaha.

Fed Ex leaves my packages on my porch without letting me know, and when i was leaving earlier,,sure enough,,there was a box on the porch.  Looks like he could at least ring the doorbell.  I went on, and got it when i got back.  It was dry, so i guess it was left this morning.

I ate the little bit of cornbread out of my freezer, yesterday, so i just put another pan in the toaster oven.  Gotta have that with meat loaf and bean soup,,,right?  Got lots of tomatoes to add.  That's my supper.

My feet just quit hurting from getting up one time, to the other.  I walked around in the $store with no problem.  Amazing.  I've been taking an aleve the last 2 or 3 nites,,that might have helped.  I was getting kinda concerned about it.  Not good, if you can't walk.  I woke up last nite about 12, and it was about 3 before i got back to sleep, after another aleve.

Got my laugh for the day, earlier when i read MsB...lolololol.  I've looked for a sugar daddy a long time..hahahahahaha,,,,,joking yall. 

Looked like DD was getting our rain,,,maybe that swamp will fill up.  I haven't noticed the lake levels,,will try to.  Buchanan has been down 17 feet.  But that's from all the way full, which it never is.  Summer full is around 1014.  Well, i guess it is 17 down.  I saw it dry not too many years ago, well, a few puddles above the dam.  Maybe back in the 70s?,,,That was when you could walk out on the dam,,and we did.  Amazing,,,just puddles.  Could have been the 80s,,,not good going back in time...

Rambling again, so yall tc, and



  1. We have two flies currently in the house and my mother has been trying to kill them to no avail.

    On a Terlingua blog I had read a while back where they had used rubbing alcohol to spray the flies.

    Your brother G sure is competitive!

    1. I'm still trying to figure out where they're coming from. LOLOLOLOL, on G...

  2. Lol on my Sugar Daddy :D

    I can look back on it today and laugh but it was rather uncomfortable when it was happening.

    1. I think i woulda gone along with it,,see where it went,,just for fun,,,hahahahaha.... Makes you wonder,,,what happened to the other ones,,huh?