Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Over the Hump Again,,,,,,,,,

If anybody tries my meatloaf recipe,,please let me know if you like it. 

I told you i got that cook book when i was 17.  Here's the rest of the story. 

Back when i was in high school, for some ungodly reason, kids started getting married.  Yep,,that's what i said.  You could go over the border into OK and no questions asked, any age, any time.  After several had done that,,my bf and i decided to do it   too.  I was 16, he had just turned 17.  It was,,and OMG,, July 19,, I had spent a week in Austin with a friend and her sister, he worked there, and when they left to come here on Friday, we left and went to OK,,,got there about 2 AM, and you won't believe this,,,but,,a man was on a hammock in his yard, with a big sign,,saying Marriage Info!!!  He took us to the hospital for the blood tests, and when the court house opened at 8 that morning, he took us there and we got married.  Drove straight back here, and no one had missed us, and we didn't tell  til the following Jan.  Was something about his mom getting a SS check for him til he was 18.  Well, i went back to school, and to make a long story short, we told everybody in Jan,,,found out i was pregnant in Feb,,and graduated in May.  But,,, i got that cook book at my shower.

We were married for over 26 years, raised our kids, and ended it.  I married one other time,,for 2 1/2 years.  There were about a dozen girls that did that, and most of them lasted like i did..  I might have been the only one that finished school.

How's that for boring.  Guess in my subconscious,,,that date brought it up.  Numbers have always stuck in my mind. 

My son J called last nite, and i had gotten up and gone to the bathroom, or i wouldn't have heard the cell phone.  Trying not to laugh today about it,,but he said his dad had had a melt down,,,thrown out all the cats, and called him several times to tell him about it...when he finally saw that he had called, he found out and went there.  Said he couldn't find any of them.  There's a pet door into his utility room, so i told him they would go back later, they were hiding then.  And his dad would get over it by this morning...Haven't heard any more,,wondering now...lololoololol.  And he did tell me his back felt better than it had in weeks.   (I didn't blame him for throwing all those cats out,,,lol).  All but 2 are Js rescue cats.  He's had them fixed, takes excellent care of them, but,,,there's too many.  About a dozen.  Not all are kept in the house all the time, tho.

Yall tc, and



  1. My wife and I aloped (ran off), too. We had made arrangements ahead of time getting the blood tests, etc done. Everyone who eloped that lived in Pennsylvania would go to Maryland but we went to New York.

    1. Lots of kids did back then. And,,you make you bed,,you lay in it,,lol. How i was raised.

  2. Get a big kick out of your blog, but on a serious note, we lost our two cats who were ill, one our precious Sophie at 19 went on the rainbow bridge July 9, 2012 on the hottest night we have had in many years over 40 I reckon never lived here then, this monday the 16th of July our prince Bailey boy, suffered a couple seizures at 1 pm and passed right out in our front entryway in a tiny box I had left out, it fit him pretty good, but to listen to him pass was beyond more Kittehs for us or animals. We have two who won't come in I round them up nightly or daily..I had to take a week and a half off of work just too much grief and trauma to me, I fed them, loved them, got them fixed, de-fleaed and held them, they got old it seemed in a new york minute..Our two others Cody are frightened and taking cody for a de-flea treatment bath, shots, worm stuff etc. Miyagi is wild our newest he comes in for food and water won't sleep in his condo too hot as hell in the house, but he is getting the flea bath, shots, worm stuff and we had our home de-fleaed by a carpet place, it is nice smelling lemon and free of those varmaints...I enjoy your blog, get a big kick out of it, I so like it I have type 2 diabetes, been thinking about the lap band procedure, it would make my life I am sure better, but scared, guess I will have to measure everything for the rest of my life and eat such tiny portions an ant would be happy, LOL..just trying to get on with our lives after Sophie and Bailey boy crossed the Rainbow bridge in 7 days...on the hottest damn days we ever got in many many weather recorded days..ciao

    1. Sooo sorry about your cats...i know how much you can love them.
      I can eat anything, the pills i take control my diabetis. The lap band didn't work for me, made me burp up during my sleep, gave me pneumonia.. and that almost got me once.
      Glad to have you,,

  3. In my high school years in Cincinnati, those who got married in secret went across the border to Indiana. Life is the same everywhere, isn't it. Glad I didn't get married then, but my story is about the same when I finally did - 21 yrs, 4 kids later, and ended it. I tried twice more, sorry to say, and wouldn't ever do it again (even though I'll never have the chance again, lol).