Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Good

Got that call just a minute after 8 am,,way early, but i was accidentally up.  All blood tests good.

I'm already tired of Olympics.  On the Today Show, just about all they had.  Then,,,my night shows will be messed up for the 2 weeks.  There's very little i like, well, not enough to stay with them for hours.

I got my floors mopped today, and yes,,that's a major clean for me.  I think it's like my car windows,,when they get to where i can't stand them,,then i clean em...  With just me and Jude,,they last a long time.  I clean spots as needed.  But today,, it was moving everything,,sweeping first,,then the mopping.  See what i mean?  Gosh, i used to be able to whiz thru a whole house, doing it all, in record time.  Had my walls shaking with R&R too!  My first day working in home health,,,i went to 5 places, and none of them had had help for weeks.  I cleaned them ALL.  After i got home,,i almost didn't go back.  I did, and learned to handle all of it better.  I filled in for the ones that didn't have regular help, so i went to lots of places.  Over 3 counties,,and sometimes more.  I was paid mileage and driving time, so i rested while i drove.

That was my last job except doing my own,,private.  All of us got laid off, when the company had to downsize.  Drew unemployment almost a year, tho.  Never could find another job that would pay enough to live on, tho, so that's when i took early retirement.  And i love it!

Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!  It's HOT.  Went out to get rid of mop water, hang up the mop.,  Whew.

Yall tc, and



  1. I need to clean but don't know where to start. Getting rid of the clutter would probably be a good place but I can't seem to get moving.

    1. Yeah! That's where i always started,, with the trash out.
      I HATE clutter, and have things i need to get rid of, but,,,how?,,,Can't just throw it away, not junk. I laughed one day, telling my bro i'll just leave it for MY kids, like our Mother did. (she was a hoarder, know she was laughing when we just stared.)

  2. Cleaning seems to be a waste of time. Every thing just gets dirty again (grin).

  3. Good for you on the results of the tests....that always makes you feel better. Don't talk about clean houses...mine has stayed a mess here lately, as I have been canning a lot. Never used to have such a messy house, but at night, I am ready for my chair and not shining a kitchen. The sun shall rise tomorrow. Retirement is great, and good thing, as energy took a retirement too.

    1. When i had that horrible pneumonia,,i never got my energy back.
      When i first retired,,i would clean one room, totally, floor to ceiling,,at a time. No hurry, just when i felt like it. Can't do that any more.

  4. Congratulations on the good blood test results as it is really something to celebrate.

    I can just imagine what mine would be...high cholesterol, hich glucose levels etc etc. Sometimes it pays not to have insurance coverage.

    I hate house cleaning, it is a good thing my mother loves to sweep and mop...I just stick to washing dishes and working on "that yard" :-(