Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in the Future

I'm still watching Andy Griffith,, as long as they had Barney Fife on it,,it was good.  I remember the Apple Dumpling Gang,,  I thot that was one of the funniest movies ever.

We went to the theater to see Bonny and Clyde, had the kids with us, as usual.  When it started,, J leaned over and whispered,,,Mom,,that girl doesn't have any clothes on...( he was 5 or 6).  I ignored him...He leaned over again, and a little louder,,,said,,Mom,,that girl doesn't have any clothes on...And,,again,,hoping he wouldn't say any more,,,i ignored him..WELL the third time,,he yelled it!!!  Everybody in there burst out laughing.  I answered right quick then,,and he didn't say another word..,. Learned my lesson,,,lolololol.

Gosh, i remember when Star Wars came out, how amazing it was.  And that was just the start.  Jaws had the kids scared to get in the river,,,, (had gars).  I never tried to scare them, and explained how they made them seem scary. 

No plans ,,,HA,,,never is,,  Got a good book to read, my games on here, and Andy on tv,,,what more could i ask for?,,,

J and g/f have gone to Austin, her sister is there today, gonna give her a hair cut, maybe him too.  She's had a shop there forever, even tho she lives in N Houston.  And drives back and forth!!  Don't know why she's there today. 

Gotta find something for lunch,,yall tc, and



  1. I used to like to watch Andy Griffith but these days I don't have too much time for re-runs unless they come on late at night.

    Love that story about your son in the Bonnie and Clyde movie...been so long that I watch it that I don't remember that scene.

    1. It's at the first, when they first meet.

  2. Your son's girlfriend's sister must have a successful business in Austin to keep driving back and forth between N. Houston and Austin.

    One good thing at least she is her own boss.

    1. Yes, she started it probably 30 years ago, and maybe she stays there a few nites a week.

  3. I liked the Andy Griffith show and Barney. I, too, got a kick out of the Apple Dumpling Gang. Tim Conway is one of my favorites. I loved the part about the rope over the building.