Friday, July 27, 2012

Guns,,,and Chairs?,,, lol


Heard on tv,,guns are selling like crazy here in TX.  Mass murderers,,,BEWARE!   Even my dotter has one.  I think she finally got her permit too.

This is my old chair,,,,


and new.


They put a longer thingy on it, to raise it with.  It’s like sitting on a cloud.  The leg rest has more positions than the old one.  Like,,I can barely raise it,,,and sit like that, without going way up.

Our Sonic here makes their own onion rings, and I’m hungry for them.  Don’t know what I might get to go with them tho…lol.  I really really need to cook something.  Been thinking about hamburger helper, but I get tired of that before I eat it all.  Maybe make some I can freeze.  Still have lots of home grown tomatoes.

Guess I’m gonna have to check for movies a lot ,,,for the next 2 weeks.  There is one thing I want to watch for, and that’s a track run,,not sure how far, but a guy is running from Marble Falls.  Went to UT.  Think his name is Hernandez.  Also, I like to watch Phelps.

For some horrible reason, I woke up about 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so,,got up about 6.  Will make for a bad day.  I’ve had my coffee, read the paper, and need to get back to sleep. 

To make it clear on my blood tests, they are done about every 3 months, no special reason.  They just keep up with my diabetes, blood pressure meds, cholesterol,,,things like that.  I keep asking if I can delete some of those darn pills, and keep getting,,NO.  lol.  I forgot to ask about my feet, why I feel like I have a stone bruise on the left one.  Know I don’t.  When I get up at night it really hurts to walk on it.  Can you pull a ligament in your feet?  I think that’s what I did.  It doesn’t hurt all the time tho. 

Gonna eat my waffles and go back to bed.  Yall tc, and





















  1. I like your new chair. It looks real comfy, for sure. I would like to get off my pills, too. I suppose I could if I really worked on it. I don't get enough exercise, the walking fast or jogging type. Back when I did do that, I got off the pills.

  2. I cringe thinking of all the meds the VA will put me on! When they tested me my blood pressure was 190 over something. The nurse checked it 3 times with two different testers to make sure it was that high. Was 150 something later so I hope I don't have to start taking blood pressure pills.

    1. It's the diuretics that are the worst for that. Like DD says, if i lost some weight and did some exercise, i wouldn't need any of them.

  3. I like your new chair!! Think I could fall asleep in it real easy....maybe several little cat naps a day would test it purrfectly.

  4. I take 4 pills a day one of those pills twice..My feet ache and I walk and walk..Your recliner looks lovely, we just threw out 2 and the couch has been given to the place where we volunteer that gives out food to people who work like hell and still they need food and help the last two weeks of every month..they never drink, no smoking and feed their wives and tiny ones and they starve, this minister started to feed the people he met when taking a class at our fine community college..the people are so grateful to have some food instead of bread with just jam or jelly, how does one work with that only in the their tummie? not well, so this minister started giving out food small at first then boom, I don't belong nor my hubby to this church but really I can volunteer and I love to cook and hold the tiny ones while the parents get a decent meal and take home food in donated new backpacks, they are young and trying to make a go of it after becoming american citizens and learn english immediately, would never go back to Mexico never due to the drug cartels running that country, I tell you jobs and food is a pretty important aspect of our election this fall, jobs and food..Luv your blog, get a big kick out of your thoughts and your feelings about life, enjoy your new chair, if I lived closer I would fry you up the most delish onion rings, I can make just about anything at a fast food restaurant, had one child that loved fast food, we never went there I could cook better, my onion rings are delish, walla walla sweets which are in the stores right now and a secret recipe yummmmmmmeeeeee! I would make you up a huge order and a burger with sharp tillamook cheese and bacon, yummmmeeee!

  5. I love your new chair...your old chair looks good too, sure beats the steel folding chair I use when I am in Del Rio.

    I love Sonic's tater tots they are delicious, not too big on onion rings.

    1. Yeah, my old chair isn't old, i just never liked it. It's my bro's fault,,i sat in one of their chairs,,tried to talk em out of it,, then thot,,why not get myself a chair i love, that will last me the rest of my life? Lol,,the credit card checks with no interest til March didn't hurt either....hahahaha