Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Meat Loaf

Just in case you're interested, and i was asked for this,,,here it is.

About 2 lbs hamburger,,,about 1/2 med onion, about 1/4 green pepper
3/4 c milk, 1 egg, mix together, maybe 10 or so saltine crackers, crumbled
Lemon pepper, garlic powder, season all, dry mustard, salt, pepper,,anything you like.
Cover with catsup.

I still like mine more than any others.  Original from my old Betty Crocker cook book.  Tweeked a little...

O yeah,,cook about 1 1/2 hour, 350 or so,,,lol,,  I use a loaf pan.  I drained off the excess fat while it was hot.

I'm still amazed about the flies!,,,They're just plain,,,gone!  Not a one.  And i read in today's paper,,Phyllis Diller is 95!!!!  Her bd is today.

 OMG,,, just realized,,,that's 25 years more than me...WOW. 

 Enough of this,,heading to my games,,yall tc, and



  1. I make my meatloaf in a big ol' skillet on top the stove. Kind of like big burgers, but with all the meatloaf stuff in 'em. Hot damn.....they sure is good.
    Speak'n of flies, there ain't none in "da house" neither. Wonder where they went?

    1. That would work too.
      Flies?,,,have no idea, but i can't imagine how they were here one day, totally gone the next. It's strange,,i tell ya.

  2. Maybe those flies know something we don't and got out of the country. . . or maybe the radiation from Japan just got here (grin).

  3. I just might try your recipe - don't know how I missed it because I have been using Betty Crocker cookbooks for years. Meatloaf is something that isn't difficult to make, but for some reason mine is usually terrible. Even grocery store delis make better meatloaf than I do, and that is really saying something. Wish me luck!

    I can't believe old Phyllis is 95, but then I didn't realize she is still alive. I hope I don't live to be 95, because at the rate I'm going I would be in terrible shape!

    1. I got this cook book when i was 17,,so it's OLD.
      If you were as good as Diller, it would work...she's even still on tv shows sometimes. Like Betty White.

  4. I fill mine with brown sugar so that it is like eating candy....HEALTHY candy, cuz of the sweet green and red peppers. just sayin'

  5. Thank You for the recipe !

    I was given that cookbook in 1961 but the meat loaf recipe was missing.

    Andrea in MN

  6. Hermits Baby SisJuly 18, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    Hey Trouble - your meat loaf sounds pretty much like mine, except I cover mine with 57 Sauce instead of catsup. And I like mine better than any other, too! My recipe is about 50 years old, came from an "I Love to Cook" cookbook for kids, maybe even from Betty!

    1. lololol.. might try that some time.