Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ho hum,,

Got quite a bit done today, and not in the mood to do this.  I cleaned a little in the kitchen where i used glass cleaner, (i make my own), cooked some hamburger helper, and just generally took my time.

This is the glass cleaner, best i've ever used.  Came from Ann Landers a long time ago.  Makes a gallon.

1/2 c sudsy ammonia  (i use plain, can't find sudsy)
1 pint isopropyl rubbing alcohol
1 tsp dishwashing detergent

add water to make gallon.

Easy huh?  Cleans grimey, greasy stuff excellent.  No streaks. 

G came by yesterday for a bit, then said he was going out to Ns, asked if i wanted to,,of course,,i did.  Had a great time.  B and SIL showed up too, going out to a Volunteer Fire Dept. barbq.  Got home barely in time to eat supper and get thru by 8.  My movie time.  Water for Elephants is a good movie.

I sure love that site at ustream,,petespond.  All kinds of wild life show up there.  Elephants, zebras today too.  And i read about something new on Google Earth,,lets you take a road trip thru some Nat'l Parks, like you're really driving it.  Gosh,,need to do that and see them.  They are in CA.

There's a site on facebook for this area, a swap, sell one, and i put my other laz y boy chair on it, but didn't think the pic loaded, so i just left it,  couldn't find how to delete.  SIL told me it was there, and people were asking about it, but today it's not.. Think they kicked me off.  And i don't know why my pic never loaded.  Then did, later.  I'll try later, and if i can't maybe she will do it.

DD is talking about why people like blogs.  I agree with all he says.  But the one thing i like most, is when the blogger comes back and answers the comments.  It lets you interact more with them.  The ones that never answer are the ones i rarely leave comments on.  And sometimes i might miss going back and not seeing them, so i apologize now if i do.  Any way,,, that's the best ones,,

Time for lunch, or,,,i'm hungry,,lol.  Time doesn't matter.  It's crunchy taco,,,good.

Yall tc, and



  1. Thanks for passing on the recipe to make that glass cleaner, I am going to try it.

    I have to agree with you about blogs that do not answer questions, I may or may not come back. I too enjoy the interaction when a blogger comes back and answers whatever you may have asked them.

    1. I've used that cleaner to clean walls of mirrors in a bar,,,and that's greasy stuff,,hard to get off. This worked on them.
      You will love it. Cheap too.

  2. From another point of view, I wish I had started keeping count of the times I write a reply to a comment, often several paragraphs, then hit SEND and see that it goes to "". Sometimes I don't catch it and then I start getting mail delivery failure notices back. I just wish everyone used their own email address to send comments (like you do, Trouble).

    1. I never use the email to do replies. I just put it on the blogs. Do you get mine in your emails? I guess there's a choice somewhere in there but i've never used it,,lololol. But,,thx.

  3. I always try to reply to all the comments, even if it is the next day. I may have missed a couple over the time I have been blogging but not many. I do appreciate you and the others that do the same thing. Makes me feel that I am important enough to recognize. Of course, I am not important at all. . .
    BTW, I always go back to s site to see if they replied to my comments.

    1. Yeah,,that's it exactly. And i go back to the others too, the next day.
      I left a comment on Ol Texan's site today, asking for an update. I would really like to know about the cats.