Monday, July 2, 2012

$Store Trip Today

Gonna be short,,,AAAAgain,,, Going to the $Store this morning while it's cool. 

Gosh, i'm almost out of movies, so today i found 3 to record, on Lifetime.  Sssh,,,you guys,,i can hear you.  Tonight has America's Got Talent til 10, so i won't need one for tonite.

I need to change my sheets, but,,,might or not.  Been putting it off too long already.  If i strip the bed, i have to do it sometime today.  That's the way i usually do it.  Years ago, i would take the sheets off a king size bed, wash em and put em back on,,,hated to fold those things.  Don't do that with this queen tho.

Got my dishes done, shower done,,,just need to dress and go.  Sitting a few minutes to relieve my feet.  Sure gotta do something. 

Ok,, gotta git,,,yall tc, and



  1. Work smarter: not harder. Take the sheets and dishes into the shower with you.

    You're welcome.

    1. lolol... Went out and got it all done in about 30 minutes..Then, stripped that bed and got it mostly made back up. On a roll,,,

  2. I sleep on one side of the bed for a couple of weeks, then on the other side, and then in the middle. I can put off washing the sheets for a long time that way. I change the pillowcases more often though.

    1. Yeah, with a king it works great. But, i sleep in the middle. I do NOT change them every week either!