Saturday, July 14, 2012


Really on the ball today,,,read all the blogs and forgot to do mine!  Not much wrong with me,,,i did remember to come back,,lol. 

BB was talking about how we do our blogs.  I do mine on blogger, never do it to cut and paste.  On word or anything.  When i have pics i do it on live photo, but it publishes when i get thru, no cut and paste either.  If i want to add to it later, i can.  I don't do a bit here, a bit there, then wait and publish the next day.  But,,i do try to use spell check,,,lolololol.

Sure am getting what most of you call the 'hitchitch',,,tired of same ol same ol... Our summer hasn't been bad this year, lots of rain, still green, and cooler temps.   I can't believe the lake levels haven't changed.  Well, Buchanan any way. 

Got another one of those bites on my leg, behind my knee on the same leg,,,This is so strange.  Not even sure if it's a bite, but,,it itches like crazy for days.  Seems like it spreads.  After effect of shingles?,,,who knows,,had those too.  Horrible thangs,,worst pain i ever had.  Just below my waist on the left side, couldn't stand to be touched ,,,even clothes.  Lived on vicodin for days.  Would wake up during the nite when they were wearing off, walk the floor with tears running down my face, til i could take another one.  I had one pair of sweats i could wear, hanging low so's not to touch me.  Hope none of you ever have them!!!  When i drove, i had to sit up away from the back of the seat.

I've been watching these ol Andy Griffith shows.  On most of the day again.  The good one, with Barney Fife. 

Yall tc and



  1. I were gonna say snake bite, but it sound more like a spider bite. Them rascals bite me an' I scratch for weeks.....big ol' red thingy like what a chigger leave.

    1. yeah, that's what it looks like, and the itch drives you nuts. Good think i got a lot of itch cream.

  2. I use a combination to write my blog. I use word to do the text and I insert the pictures into the blog where they go just using blogger. Seems to work but sometimes I get the fonts mixed up. When I do, you usually tell me about it. (grin).

    1. You mean like,,today,, having a hard time reading it? hahahahah,,no space between the lines.
      Hope yall had a good time at the flea market.
      Getting more rain?

  3. I do my blog like Dizzy using Word to write it and then cut and pasting it into blogger.

    When I am using my netbook which is only when I am at public places like the library or McD's then I just use blogger because it does not have any software to speak of.

  4. Had to tell you that I had success with the fly strip, not because they flew into it and got stuck but because I got the strip and went after them!

    Got me several flies even though the strip did get stuck for a while to the window but I got them!