Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a Wonderful Day

Despite the horrible icy wind, we had such a good time and dinner.  There were about 25 there, which always means fun with us.  After dinner, a lot of us had to go home for naps...lololol..  Back later for games,,poker mostly.  Lots of laughs,,

A nephew in law called this game of in between but with a twist,, if you matched up with one of the cards, you doubled your matchup of the pot.  First thing he did, got a K-3, called pot,,hahahah you guessed   it,,drew a 3...Double match up on the 20.00 pot!!!  He did manage to win it back later.  This is the game that went so bad at his house years ago, and everybody was losing and having to match the pot.  We still have to laugh about that one.  Making his little 2 yo sit at the table with her birthday stuff all by herself,,cause nobody wanted to quit the game out on the patio....hahahahaha.  B finally said,,we GOTTA stop and do the birthday thing,, and went in and there she still sat,,,patiently waiting...That's the same one that my sis forgot to take her birthday cake she had spent a week on, and it was here,,,not the 60 miles there...lolololol.  She was all upset blaming it on her other dotter, gonna drive back and get it,,,and I finally told her to go to the HEB and get one there,,,what did it matter to a 2 yo?  What a day!!!

Hope I made some of you smile,,,tc and



  1. Well you certainly made me smile :)

  2. you just made me wonder what the hell you were talking about?


    1. Its called a SMILE,,know you don't understand.