Tuesday, October 16, 2012

14 to Go.....

J got here early today, with that breakfast taco,,,yummmm.  He's crashed now, and i hope he sleeps for a long time.  He takes the anti inflammatory pill every 8 hours, and  after 7, the back is back to a major problem,,then it takes another hour for the med to work.  So,,there is a 2 hour stretch that isn't good.  The BP pill is once a day, so np there.  14 more days,,,we are counting...

I've about decided to go late the day before and get a motel room.  Being at the hospital by 9 am would be impossible for me,,from here.  He said there's a motel right by the hospital, so that's what i've about decided to do.  When i told him he said he might do that also,,,lots better that way.

It's been a lite rain since i got up, and i think it was before, too.  Hi,,,75 today,,,wonderful!

Today is my  dotter's BD, and i went over and got some of those bulbs for the Queen's Wreath, like for G/dotter.  Then i've got a HB balloon and a card.  I'll take them by after she gets home later.  Her b/f is having serious back problems too, and needs surgery.  Not like Js,,his will be outpatient, laser.  But his back does lock up sometimes too.

That's all i've got, so yall tc, and



  1. Let us know how he makes out. We are all hoping for the best.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter. My oldest brother has a birthday too..

  3. Getting a motel room is really a good idea. That is what mother and I do whenever we have to go to her out-of-town appointments in San Antonio. To hard on her and me if I have to drive in the early morning hours there and then have to deal with the morning rush hour.

    Wish your daughter a happy birthday, I guess at this hour more like a happy belated birthday.

    1. Got it booked this morning. Might stay 2 nites. I'm taking my laptop.

  4. Once during my back surgery, the doc said my WL was too DP, then he injected my spine with QN, and suddenly I KW...then went to ZR....all I can say is DNELOMFLJDNOJDNL...!!!!

    Can you believe that???

    OMG...HAGD and F.O...!!