Saturday, October 20, 2012


How did i think the time changed tonite?  I looked on some site a couple of days ago, and it said it did, but,,,nothing was said on the news or in the paper, so i looked again today, and it doesn't change til the 4th of Nov..

J has to quit one of his meds,,tramadol,,,and i don't know how he's gonna make it.  It's a pain and anti-inflammatory med, and has to be tapered off.  That letter  said none of those kind 7 days before surgery,, and nothing with any aspirin at all.  He just takes 2, and the other was the blood pressure one,,which he can take.  We will call Monday to be sure about them.  I've kept telling him, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TIL IT GETS FIXED!! 

I need to make a list of what i need to take with me,,, the little things,, I've jotted down some of them, like book, laptop, snacks,,,pills,, 

I used to keep a loaded bag ready to go,,,just pick up and be gone.  That was when i would meet my b/f or he would come by and we would take off, anywhere.  

I thot of something i don't think i've told you about, so,,,  Way back i think in the 80s,,,i looked out my window one day, and there was a herd of cattle in my yard,,i'm talking like, 25 or 30.  They were eating my shrubs, flowers, everything.  I went running out and ran them off, then called the sheriff's office.  They had come up from the river.  A rancher had hauled them there and just left them on the river for the free grazing.  Well, next day, same thing.  I'm getting a little p___ed off by now.  WELL, the third time!!! i told them the next time i saw them i would get on my 3 wheeler and herd them up to the courthouse square!!!  The dispatcher,,,said,,"Aw,,you wouldn't really do that"  And i told her yesss i would!!  It was about a mile straight shot up the street from my house.  hahahahaha,,,never saw them again. 

Had a few things come by here too, but there was usually someone chasing them.  I heard a calf bawling last nite, one time when i got up, just down the block.  Made me remember when the stockpens always had cattle there, and their bawling was just a normal thing.

Yall tc, and



  1. You told your son the right thing, just do what he has to so he will come through everything just fine.

  2. I can only imagine the pain he is going to be in without his medication but the good thing is that there is an end in sight and he will be well after that.

    I never forget when the time changes because it always happens during the Chili cook-off.

  3. lol I used to remember, but they changed it, made it longer. (PS,, hate it)