Monday, October 8, 2012

X Those Beans,,,,

J has already called, saying he would be here in a bit with the breakfast tacos.  Hope he's half way on time, sure am getting hungry.

I didn't get to sleep last nite til after 1,,,rolled, tossed, got up for a while.  I will NEVER eat beans with bar b q any more.  I was so bloated, i took some tums.  They have been doing me that way for a long time, but ate them at noon, and then paid for it half the nite.

About 5 yesterday, i was coming in from the park and heard the bridge was blocked with some kind of farm equipment and a bus.  There was traffic backed up forever,,,lol.  I stopped by the little park at the South end and just waited, had my book.  After a bit this duelie came off pulling a wide something and the traffic got to moving.  BUT,, there was a cop waiting on him at the end of the bridge.  Then later a highway patrol showed up too.  The guy didn't have a valid dl, the farm thing had nothing on the back to be on the highway, and it was too wide for a 2 lane bridge.  Ended up he went to jail, a wrecker showed up, but not sure if they hauled it off or not, i left.  He had a little dog with him and i guess his gf was traveling with him, cause she pulled up right after he stopped.  Guess she took the dog.  He was from Paris Tx,,,lol, where i have a lot of kin.   Was doing good to have gotten this far with it.  He also had a couple of warrants too.  Is that dumb,,,dumb and dumber?  Heard a lot on my scanner.

J showed up, and we ate those tacos,,,yummm.  He had me look up this steroid injection stuff that i had heard about last week.  There were 2 bad batches sent out that could cause a fungal meningitis.  I told him he didn't get that with his injections, but we're gonna ask about it when the doc's office calls back,,,,i already had a call in to see if they had gotten all they needed with his tests.  Nothing to do with that, but we will ask.  His gf and dad were in a panic about them.  I told him he would know if he had that stuff.  And yeah, he had some of the symptoms, but,,,goes with his back problem.

He went out to get his 2 pills that are due now, and must have gotten lost,,,lol.  Not really, he's messing with Rescue.  Told BB i'd put a pic on here as soon as i can.  The ones i took were with my camera and bad batteries, so not doing them.

Yall tc, and



  1. Where is the quality control and the safety checks at the drug companies? BTW, that guy sure was dumb, causing a jam on the bridge and getting himself caught on outstanding warrents.

    1. I knowwww,,,hahahaha.
      It was just one that sold that, and it wasn't used by his doc here.

  2. When I first heard about the tainted medication the first person that came to my mind was your son.

    So glad to hear he did not get his shots from that laboratory.