Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is 75* a Record?

Last nite was our lighted Christmas parade, which i have loved in the past.  I was disappointed this time, tho.  It did have quite a few floats all lit up, but not much else.  The temp was 75*!!!!  This was after dark!  As soon as the last one went by i left...when i got to the intersection behind me, i just drove thru the tape strung across it,,,and lost my antenna.  It was just stuck on there, not attached.  I went back by twice and didn't see it, so,,,came on home.  I'm gonna go back today and see if it's still laying there somewhere.

O yeah,, it was still 70* this morning when i got up.  I can remember when i was in hi school, and it was hot during the holidays and we nearly went swimming.
DD said he's having trouble with blogger or something.  How can that be?  I mean, on both his puters.  DD, it makes NO sense to me.  And how can your service affect it?  Gosh, now my brain's overloaded,,,lololol.  On one thing,,yeah, but on both?

Any of yall use a registry clean up thingy?  I ran one this morning,,,and finally just cut it off.  Guess it means this laptop is really messed up, huh?  I was doing the free version,,,(you can buy it for 29.95) or get it free is you buy from certain merchants.  It was still going at thousands and thousands...I'd never get to use this again, if i had to finish that, then let it clean them all,,,lolololol.

Ok, shower time, so yall tc, and



  1. It was pretty darned warm here yesterday, but the nights have been pretty darned cool. I'll take the warm over the cool/cold any time!

    I'd never use one of those programs that claim to speed up your computer whether its free or pay for. You're asking for trouble. Glad I use Linux instead of windows. It runs about three times faster and is a lot less likely to get viruses, Trojans and other crap.

  2. I downloaded one them registry clean'n thingys. Then I was scared to run it. Don't trust crap like that.

    LOL on the lost antenna. Somebody probly stole it while you was watch'n the parade.

    1. I even went back today, in daylite, and it's just GONE. It was after the parade, before they took that tape down,,i drove thru it,,lol.

  3. It sure don't feel like December this year does it? It was around 80 yesterday and right now it is 78. Never seemed to cool off last night. AC run off and on.

  4. Hermit Jim turned me on to a program called Clean Sweep or something like that. I used it all the time on my old laptop, the one that the idiot Time Warner Cable guy was never able to connect to this new network he himself set up.

    Anyway wanted to download it to this one but it is not free anymore but it was such a good program might consider buy it.