Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Blog

Found this new blog and LOVE it,,,check it out. 


Still counting the days down,,,til next WEDNESDAY!!!

Got up tired today, still am,,,and when i tried to nap,,,started this little hacky cough,, then sneezed a couple of times..Nothing unusual.  Gave up on that and refilled my pill box.  It holds 7 days, with 4 slots for each day.  I take about the same number of vitamins and prescriptions,,so i divide them out.

We,,J and i, went out to the park about lunch and the geese were there so since i had old bread with me,,we stopped and he fed them...For the first time!!!  He loved it...

This wasn't all of them,,,the rest flew over and back into the river.  He had never seen that either.

Don't pay any attention to the dates on my pics,,never right.  The batteries always have to be fooled with, just for the cheapo camera to work.                                                                                             

Hey, just a short one today, so yall tc, and