Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meteor Shower?

No meteor shower here today,,,thick clouds.  I've tried to watch some before, but never got anything from them.  They will tell you that there will be x number of them per hour,,,HA,,,maybe 1-3.  The only thing i remember actually seeing was that meteor with the long tail,,,back a few years.  I'm sure DD can tell you the name,,,lol.

Turned my ac on last nite, and will today too.  Close to 90, and that means hot and humid. 

I think the sun is fixing to come out.  Prefer clouds.  I think i saw something about a really good cold front coming in next weekend...  Getting close to surgery date, and last time it was an ice storm.  Don't think it will turn into that,,but,,,this is TX...

I went out to Ns house yesterday,,been a long time.  I couldn't stay in her house the smoke was so bad.  We sat outside down by her chicken pen.  She just has 4 hens left now.  I don't know how anybody can afford to smoke.  I'm soooo glad i quit.  Every great once in a while, i want to pick up one,,,but that lasts just a couple of seconds.  Being around it is too much for my lungs now.  Wood smoke is the same.

On tv, Parks and Wildlife,,it showed bob whites,,,and OMG,,,i don't even remember when i last heard them.  Was common way back.  Gosh, how many other things seem to be gone now, that were everywhere just a few years ago. 

Been a boring weekend, so yall tc, and



  1. Know exactly what you mean about the smoke. Can't stand to be around it. Know a number of really lonely people; would like to be around them, talk, etc., but the smoke makes it impossible. Had one of these people come visit in our trailer a while back. Of course she didn't smoke in our house. BUT. Took us at least an hour to defumigate our space---open windows, spray, etc.--so we could breathe after she left. Can't tell her why we don't invite her over! Wood smoke in the campgrounds makes us close our windows and run the air, even though we nearly freeze to death sometimes! Have to breathe.............

  2. My friend told me yesterday that there are going to be quite a few meteor showers while we are in Terlingua. Looking forward to them because it is nearly impossible to see them here.

    Same with you on the smoking. I avoid going to people's houses because the smell is so impregnated on my clothes and hair...I have to come home and take a bath and toss the clothes in the garage to not stink up my house.