Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long Time Coming

Had a lot going on this morning,,so not much here today. 

Took little Jude to the Vet for his check up, rabies shot.  He was wanting outside about an hour and a half before we left, couldn't let him go out.  He was good, just a little howling,,He freezes up for the vet to handle him.  He weighted in at a mite over 11 lbs.  He was so quiet coming home, didn't make a sound til i told him we were almost there.  I opened the carrier in the car and he looked a minute then hopped out.  All done, til next year.

Just got home and G came by and stayed a couple of hours,,,always enjoy.  Then i got in my chair and laid back and shut my eyes a bit.  Just now got thru with a shower.

Got off my diet last nite.  Had felt so bad yesterday, kinda sick at my stomach, and eating that meat, green beans for supper didn't help.  (i think i'm allergic to green stuff,,).  Soooo, about 8 i made 2 waffles and ate them,,yummmmm.  Back to the diet today tho.  My sugar read 243 this morning...after that.  Why, i don't know.  I ate those for breakfast every morning before.  It's 97 now, just checked.  Have never figured out what matters with this.  In all the years,,5?, i've had it, one time,,it was over 300.  I rushed to the doc,,pa actually, and nothing was done, just didn't eat for a while.  That was the only time it ever did that.   My sis N's can go up to over 500 some times,,now,,that IS scary.  She does the shots, and stress is her problem.  Hers is called brittle.  Mine is just type 2.

OO mercy!,,,Nothing to write about, so yall tc, and



  1. We just can't eat the same stuff since we got older. Of course you are not old, but I am.

  2. I like that comment DD,,,,lol. About the old,,i mean. I think i'm missing the carbs and sugars bad! Thot after a few days, you quit craving them.

  3. I never liked bananas until I was told to avoid them. Now they haunt my dreams! lol

    I used to LOVE eating cereal and milk. Now, cereal and milk shoot me off the scale where blood sugar is concerned.

    So, I bought some Glucerna: advertised to be low glycemic and raises the blood sugar slowly. HA! It shot it higher than Frosted Flakes would have!

    1. Yep, on what you're saying, carbs and sugars heavy in those. Bet it is in Glucerna too. Look at the juices!! I was shocked. There was just one,,and it was labeled diet, that wasn't loaded with sugars. I spent a lot of time when i was first diagnosed with diabetis,,looking at labels.