Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey,,Longest Day Here

My weather thingy is showing rain, but it's not.  It is cloudy and could at any time, so i'm not sure where it is located here.  Normally it's right on the nose with the temp, so bring it on!

It's the summer soltice today, and i'm always glad to see it gone, like i am in Dec. on the winter one.  I look forward to the winter one more, tho, cause it means longer days of sunshine afterwards.  With the ^&*Y((&^&^^(* daylite savings time messing it up, it's still good for a few months.  I've seen so much about that, saying there's no reason to have it any more, so, why do we?  lol, No one knows.  It does not save anything, anywhere, any more.

Some one came by before i got up, have no idea who, yet.  Reason i know, is,,my paper had been picked up and put by my back door.  My bro G came by, but wasn't him, and the lady delivered my drugs, and it wasn't her either.  Probably was my mower man.  That new neighbor mows, but leaves a lot, now he's leaving it all along the W side of his property, my E.  I'm telling my mower to NOT mow one blade of that!  The creep.  He's weird.  And the ones that go there are too.  Fine with me.  Hope it burns up that new storage building he put right out my back door.  And does NOT mow around either.

Only other one could have been J.  He's gonna use my desk top to do defensive driving.  He went by to pay his fine, and they dismissed it because he's taking that.  He still says it was worth it,,every penny, to see all the grins from everybody about it.  Even people he doesn't know,,,And especially the man that was with him.  HE says,,best ride he ever took! hahahahaha.  That car turns in the 13s at the drags.  Used to win a lot with it.  Like the cop told him,,J,,take it out of the city limits to do that. 

Ok, things to not do, places to not go, so yall tc, and



  1. Maybe one of your cats wanted to do something nice for you and put the paper on your door step. 13 seconds is a fast street rod. Those Top Fuel cars that I go see run in he upper 3's at 330 MPH. Now that is fast.

    1. Hey you're onto something,,training Jude.
      Seen those cars too, and,,the boats.