Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss You, Daddy

I know it's Father's Day, etc,,,,and mine left us in 85.  Still miss him every day.  He enjoyed life, and all of us, til he died.  We were the house with all the kids, and friends of the kids,,,and on and on.  He taught us the most important life lesson,,,how to play and enjoy each other.  He left his work there, didn't bring it home.  That was US time.  He set up the ol horseshoe stakes out in the back yard way before it was cool.  Always lots there throwing those things,, seems like most of the kids in town.  Then ,,,the washer holes.  Visitors would come and play, go home in other towns, states,,set up their own.  I could throw those heavy thangs the whole 40 feet.  We won lots of contests, having done them for so long. 

Wasn't just those,,we also learned dominoes,,card, and other ones too.  Playing dominoes as soon as we could add the ends together.  Then of course, the 42 and moon later.  I remember one time,,when i was maybe 11 or so, and we had the kitchen filled with neighbors and us playing jacks!!!  Does anyone remember some of the other outdoor games?  Like mother may i,,drop the handkerchief,,ring around the roses,,,penny pitching,,hide and seek in the dark,,,  Like i said,,,there was never a dull moment at our house.  Hop scotch...mercy,,,lots of em. 

Dad came from a large family, 3 bros, 4 sis, and they were all that way.  Mom just had 1 bro,  1 sis, and they didn't grow up like Dad's family did.  The 4 bros even had a band, played for dances.  They grew up on a farm up there by Honey Grove TX.  Blackland.  Worked hard, played hard.  They moved here in '48, when farming wasn't doing good.  He eventually worked for the railroad,,til it closed this end down.  We were the end of the line.

One time, when i was maybe 4 or 5,,we were awakened by chickens squawking in the hen house, so Daddy grabbed his shot gun and i was peeking out from behind him when he shot at that skunk carrying a hen out of the yard,,  and he missed,,,lolololol,,,didn't even scare that skunk.  That hen was still squawking when they went out of sight.  Up there, there were timber wolves too.  Huge gray ones.  I got walked to school because of them, and it was a LONG way.  Barefooted, thru the snow,,,,hahahahaha,,,not really.  Those wolves are probably still there, used to be when we went to visit, you could hear them at nite.  They would get into my aunt's garden, loved watermelons. 

Gosh, haven't revisited those memories in a long time..  There's just one of the sisters left now, and she was my fav.  She had some strokes and can't talk now, but i talk to her dotter every few weeks.  One of my fav cousins.

Family life like i've known it, just isn't there any more.  Not even with my own.  It's gone.  Really really sad.  Life in the fast lane,,,,,

Hope yall enjoyed some of this,,,it was really good to remember.  So yall tc, and



  1. There is no comparison between family life back in the '40s or even the early '50s to what it has become now a days.

    1. Ours stayed even into the 80s. But it's just gone now. Never will be the same. Guess you're lucky to even get a phone call, much less a visit.

  2. Red light, green light. Red Rover, Red Rover. Little White House on the Hill( Remember the name, but not the game). Kids nowadays will never experience what we did. Slower was way BETTER!

    1. YESSSS..and thank you for reminding me,,yeah, how could i forget, red rover,, the other 2 not sure. Another one we loved,,ante over (throwing a ball over the house). One would say,,,ante,,other ,,,over,,had to catch it to try to get one of the others on your side, heck we were playing that with the kids after being grown,,,lololol.
      Kids nowadays are losing out, it's so sad.