Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mystery Solved

OMG!! Have no idea why i woke up at 4:30 and could NOT go back to sleep.  Heard the paper man, so about 5 i got up, turned coffee on and saw daylite show up.  I've set my coffee to make at 7:30, but it makes in just a few minutes.  Really quick.  I'm up, but,,my day is ruined.  lol. 

NE getting the heat now, that we always do.  Horrible for them tho, we can handle it cause we always have had to.  AND,,we have ACs, well, almost all of us.

I did find out who put my paper by the door.  It was the man that mows.  He's out there right now, mowing.  While i was out yesterday i went ahead and got more gas while it wasn't so hot.  The heat showing up this weekend will end that weed growing.  So this one might last a while.  I pointed out to him the line to NOT cross to my E.  Told him not to mow one blade of the slob's next door.

Did any of yall watch the Justin Bieber special last nite?  hahahahaha,,,I didn't, but,,i recorded it.  Heck it might be worth watching.  I've always liked good performers and he is one.  I was watching "So You Think You Can Dance".  I always loved to dance, and to watch good ones too. 

Well, breakfast time,,so yall tc, and



  1. I'm not used to Florida weather yet, maybe never will be since I'm 62. But yesterday it was SO windy, yet going outside felt stuffy. It doesn't computer.

    They complain about the humidity just for something to complain about, because Indiana was air you could wear. SO wet, sticky, and like a blast furnace one day and adding extra clothing the next.

  2. We don't have a whole lot of humidity, not like the coast or E TX. I have never wanted to be in FL, or CA for that matter. Now, GA, TN, and some of those, love them. I think it's the mountains.

  3. You getting up at 5:00 a.m. is like me getting up at that time...highly unusual but it happens.

    I watched Justin Beiber tonight on Letterman and it was a terrible interview. Letterman got "testy" with him because the kid admitted to getting another tattoo and it just went down hill from there.

    I am not into tatto's but that is for the kid and his parents to decide...

    1. I agree, not letterman's business. That kid is 18 and a GOOD kid! Hope he doesn't go the way of Mylie Cyrus.

    2. I guess I am not familiar with Mylie Cyrus other than she is Billy Ray's daughter and is worth millions.

      Letterman did apologize before he sang but it was too little too late. Doubt Justin will ever come back and don't blame him one bit.

    3. Mylie was a good clean cut kid too, until she turned 17, then she went wild. 19 and engaged now.
      Wish i'd seen Letterman.

    4. PS,,,looked it up on utube. Letterman was horrible, and i hope Justin is never on there again.