Friday, June 29, 2012

June's So Gone

Still not much of anything going on.  I think the 4th celebration is gonna be Sat, the 30th.  Since i haven't bought the local paper in about 20 years, not sure.  Businesses will still close on the 4th.  There's an all day thing that goes on at the park here in town.  The Little Miss Sparkle contest starts it off, and i think there's a kiddy parade too.  Ends with a good band, street dance, and fireworks, if allowed.

It happened again,,,lololol... I get in the bathroom and my phone rings,, I've told everybody, if i don't answer, wait a minute and call back. lololol.  It's weird, how it happens all the time.  This time, was just a credit card co,,,left a message.  I don't have anything extra on my home phone, like caller id, long distance, anything,,,just the basic.  I have all that with the cell.  So if someone doesn't leave a message, then i never know who called on that one.

I've lost 3 lbs...i went ahead and weighted this morning, cause if i hadn't lost, i was quitting.  lololol.  Too darned much cooking, cleaning up.  The only vege i like is corn, and it's forbidden.  Fruits have too much frucose (sugar) so they are out.  I still have that huge bag of veges i can stir fry, make em almost palatible.  Gotta figure out some other things to eat.  Gonna add salads for sure.  WITH dressing!!!  I've made it thru 6 days, almost 7, so i can add a few more carbs.  Try to stay with about 60-70.  What it amounts to,,,IS,,no white, no sugars.

Not sure what i think about health care.  We were forced to have car insurance, so what's the difference?  It actually might help people like my son.  I'm past the age for it to matter anyway. 

Highs in the 90s for the next few days,,HA!!!,,according to the great weathermen.  Yesterday WAS cooler tho.  Keep your eye on my little weather thingy.

Just had to kill 1 or 2 flys yesterday,,maybe getting better.  Still have no idea what caused it.  Years ago, i bought some fly traps you hung outside.  It was a lid they went into a gallon jar thru, and couldn't get out.  To attract them you put something stinky in the jar,,like a fish, and hung it way away from you.  Believe me,,,they worked!!! BUT,,,to clean out 1/2 gallon of dead flies, and stinky fish, was a horror.  We had to dig a hole and bury that.  This was out at the ranch and got worse when we were raising 2 pigs to eat.  Even tho they were not close to the house.  These are just the common ol house flys i'm being bothered with.  Never had this many tho.  Woulda helped to have lots of gallon jars...

I've been watching a live cam on ustream about the decorah eagles, but they have left the nest and looking into others today, i found one i LOVE.  It's called pete's pond.  In Afica.  Has lots of wildlife show up to drink.

Cya,,tc and



  1. I do not have any calling features just the basic in Houston so if people do not leave a message I have no idea who called. I purposely do not answer my phone as it seems all the telemarketers in the country have my number.

    Do not have a cell phone. If someone wants to reach me at my landline phone I have to hear it is you on the answering machine so I can pick up.

    1. I will remember that if i ever call,lololol.

  2. "Not sure what i think about health care. We were forced to have car insurance, so what's the difference?"

    That is the wisest statement I have heard so far!

    It seems like everyone in the blogging world has gone ballistic on this topic but most of them already have insurance either through medicare, medicaid, private insurance or the VA.

    It would help me too, but I am not holding my breath on it ever happening specially if Romney wins.

    1. WOW, thank you so much. People need to read the facts. And, I hope you and my son, and others can get the help they need.

  3. Congrats on losing some weight. Don't give up, it is a slow process. If you don't like what you are suppose to be eating, there is one word to remember, "spices".

    1. Been doing those...And i chop up onion in veges, maybe add bacon bits.