Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Don't Wanna Go,,,to the Vets

Still not over that trip, my feet are still kinda sore too.  Sooo, i'm still not doing much.

I heard about a possible rabid fox last nite, and just now, another one.  I got a card, reminding me to take Jude in for his update shots, even tho the rabies last 2 years and it's just been one.  When there's more around the vet reccommends every year.  It's the setting an appointment, then trying to have him around where i can get him into a carrier and go.  The best i've ever found, is an old nylon travel bag.  You put one in it, zip it, and then they're  Easy to carry, too.  Guess i need to get it out and let it lay in here, for him to get used to.

I woke up before 7 today, and could NOT go back to sleep, so i got up about 7;30.  Already need a nap.  It was cool too.  Almost to the summer equinox and not bad.  Know it's coming tho....

Ok, that nap is yelling at me now,,so yall tc, and



  1. Dang Trouble, can't you keep that nap from yelling so loud? Now it went and made me sleepy. . .

  2. LOLOL DD,,,might be cause of that first Hatfield=McCoy one i watched last nite, barely was able to turn the tv off and go to bed, after it. Left me hanging,,wanting MORE...

  3. One time you mentioned that you had weak ankles like I do. Have you tried using cushioned tennis shoes, the type that claims you get in shape just by walking with them? Well you wont get in shape but they sure feel like you are walking in a cloud and are very comfortable.

    1. You mean the ones i call my Rock and Roll shoes? lololol,,When i got them in and put them on the first time, i nearly keeled over backwards! You have to balance to stand up,,,hahahaha,,love em for walking!! And, i will have em on when i have to walk for any distance, now. I HATE my diabetic shoes, feel like boards,,no flex.

  4. Lol Trouble...that is a good name for them...Rock and Roll shoes!

    It took me a while to learn to keep my balance when I first started wearing them. Now I do not go anywhere without them.

  5. My dog has a 3 yr rabies vaccination. I'd be mad as hell if they started notifying me a year or more in advance to get another one. That's like magazine subscriptions - you get 3 issues and they are sending you a renewal notice. I think if they give your pet a 2 yr shot it should last TWO YEARS!