Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to Low River Flow

Went to Google to read rvsue and could never get the comments to load.  Didn't have a refresher thingy at the top either. 

I just didn't want to get up today,,,lol.  I woke up about 7:30 ,, and made it another 45 minutes.  I'm tired,,for some reason,,,guess it's just one of those days.  OMG!!!!!!! IT'S MONDAY!!!  And worse than usual,,,lolololol.

Still staying in most of the time,,,maybe that's getting to me.  No where to go, nothing to do, so,,, what do you do?  I've always been an outside person, and with the heat, can't do it now. 

We've been put on #3 water rationing.  Our river flow is down to 3 here.  Not good at all.  I don't water,,,except my trees if they look really bad.  I think there are people taking out a lot of water up river.  It goes from 47, to 30, then to our 3.  That's in about the above 60 miles.    We're in the Lake LBJ Basin.  At the 3.

I did see a slight chance of showers, 10%, today. 

The Olympics are over!!!!!!!  Yeaaaaa,,,,now maybe there will be something on TV, at least a few nites a week.

Yall tc, and



  1. I didn't realize that it has been so dry. After last year, this one seemed real wet to me. (grin)

  2. What you talk'n bout the Olympics is over? When did they start. Damn, I always miss the good stuff.

    1. How can that be??? I swear i saw that Billy Bike flying by in that Tour de France!

  3. I am probably the only person that did not watch the olympics...too boring for me. I wanted to watch the opening as well as the closing ceremonies but never could find out what time they came on, lol :D

    Even though we had a lot of rain in Houston about three weeks ago, it has been dry ever since. Mowed the front yard and I think I killed it...wish I could kill the back yard as it is a true jungle :-(