Sunday, August 26, 2012

If I Wanna, I Will

I just read a comment about something i said on another blog.  I don't need ANYONE telling me what "down here" means.  Go back and read the rest of the story, you know who.  And you're not "down here" any more, you're "out there".

I didn't do a post yesterday just because i didn't want to.  I needed a day off.  And today, not in the mood either.   

About 3;30 yesterday, there was a small plane crash just outside of town.  Both men were from Kerrville, and died in the crash.  It was an instructor and his student learning take offs, and landings.  Why they were doing it here, i don't know.

Just got an invite out to g/dotters for pasta.  Her birthday is Monday, so i can take her Queen's Wreath.
There's enough bulbs to set in maybe several places.  They multiply.  lol,,,like at least a dozen or more.

Guess that's enough outa me today,,,but,,,yall tc, and



  1. Wish you would take a picture of the Queen Wreath before you give it to your granddaugher.

    Hate to hear about anyone dying especially in a plane crash.

    1. Wasn't anything to take, was just about 3 or 4" of growth. I'm gonna take a pic of mine, tho.