Friday, August 3, 2012


Just reading about Harbor Freight addictions,,well, i have a Lowe's or Home Depot one.  Just can't pass up looking at those sales when they come in the paper.  That's how i got my front door, you know,,saw one i loved,,at a price i could NOT pass up.  Sis N took me over to get it, and it just sat in my house for a while,,,Cost an arm and a leg to get them installed, (yeah,,,THEM,,couldn't NOT get a new storm door too)  but that door was a bargain.  Somewhere back on one of my posts,,i put the pics up. 

That's also how i got the vanity in my bathroom,, darn flyers,,, It was on sale at a bargain price,,,who thinks about that plumber you're gonna have to hire at that time?  Sure looks good in there,,,tho,,, The plumber did ask,,who set that other one in?,,,hahahahaha,,,told him B and i did.  Heck, it worked!

So,, i need to pass those thangs up when i see one yelling at me to look,,,burn em.  Ask the paper to leave em out....

No word from Js doc,,yet.  Yall tc, and



  1. When a plumber, a/c man, electrician asks "who did that", look out. This is a guy what thinks he's the only serviceman in the world that know the trade and his prices will attest to that.
    I don't particularly like someone what puts down another persons ability.
    Billy Bob was here.

    1. Not that way, and he's the only one i will call. The others lie and say they will then just never show, leave you hanging. He does Bs work too,,,lolololol,,,and he was laughing.

  2. Yep, Billy Bob is sure right about that. Trouble, every time I need something it ain't on sell.

    1. But,,,that's what i was saying,,,, I didn't NEED anything. hahahaha.