Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is this Thursday?,,,

Had a miserable nite, got up feeling like i had had a beating.  I'm never gonna stay here and wait again.  J got the MRI done, not sure when he'll hear from it.  It was being sent to his doc then. 

Heat's here til the weekend.  And i think we still have that African dust too.  Just saw on FB where my G/dotter's ac is out.  Never fails to do that in the worst of the summer.  Not sure if it's fixable or not.,,,Surely it is.

You either watch Olympics or turn the tv off.  Mine's off.  Just need the quiet sometimes.  Fixing to eat some oatmeal, maybe nap a little, and read.  Almost thru with my book. 

Yall tc, and



  1. I don't watch the Olympics either. Thank goodness for satellite TV.

    1. I really like that "off" button at times.

  2. Don't you ever just want someone to bring that oatmeal to you and not have to get up and fix a meal. Would be nice at times, I think.

    Hope you get some good news about your son. Being a mom sometimes is very difficult emotionally.


    1. I have no idea what that would be like, no one has ever done anything like that for me.