Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Not Up to Par

It's getting so late i didn't think i'd make it. And there were lots of new blogs to read today too. Learned something new,,,you can make your own brown sugar! lol,,,Love it that at my age i can still do that.

Haven't had much get up and go the last 2 days, no idea why. Just not up to par. Did make myself walk a bit yesterday, was forcing, but didn't the day before. Sometimes when i miss a day, i can walk more the next. It's always been that way with exercise for me. Just need that day of rest, i guess.

I know that link i put in that other post wasn't clickable, but,,, you could copy and paste. Still don't know why you couldn't click. I do that on other blogs if i have to. Guess i could have changed it, but,,, just didn't. hmmm,,, Just discovered i can't make a clickable link... Used to just use the www and it would...Doesn't work now. Will have to look into that. All this new blogger,,,do NOT like it.

Yall tc, and



  1. Made some changes on this,,don't know if i will like em or not, but,,,we'll see.

  2. Walking is really good for you and it always perks me up. Trouble is, it is hard to get out and do it. It is easier to be a couch potato. . .

  3. Im still forcing myself to do it. Havent got that feel good thang yet. lol

  4. At least you are making the attemp and you go even if it is every other day. I have to force myself as well. Don't understand that since I know how good I feel after.

  5. I'm doing it with this old adage in my mind,,,use it or lose it.. I do get around a lot better and hope i improve on the distance.