Thursday, February 23, 2012

BEST Mouse Trap EVER

Someone was talking about storing dog food or bird seed in buckets, or something like that, and reminded me of using a 5 gal bucket to store my bird seed.  Kept the lid on it til i got down to about 2 inches left.  Had it in my store room.  Went out there one day to get something and when i opened that door, heard this strange sound, and of course, i'm thinking RATTLESNAKE!  So,,very slowly, i go in and it's coming from that bucket.  hmmmm,,,Get close enough to look, and WOW, about 20 mice scrabbling around down in there.  llololol.  Now, what do i do?  Got 2 cats around somewhere.  So,, here i go, carrying that bucket calling those cats.  And here they come,,,BUT,,that bucket sound scares them to death.  hahahaha.  I finally get one to look in, and i have it leaning over a little, and she figures it out real quick.  MICE.  She grabs a few, as many as she can, and then i go to the other one.  He does the same thing,,but in the process of grabbing mice with all feet, mouth, etc, he lets 1 or 2 get away.  It's way out in the yard, so i just let it go.  The other one lets one get away, playing with it.  They finally finish those off, and i give them MORE.,  This takes a while to finish off all those mice, but we finally get it done.  I set the bucket back and next day,,,same thing. hahahaha,,, i open the door, hear the noise, and call one of the guys working on the house,,and he thinks i found a snake too, so he's kinda leary of looking.  lololol,,Then he couldn't believe it.   This time, there's about 15 in the bucket.  The cats know what i have now, so here they come when they hear it and see that bucket.  This went on for days, and i ended up catching about 50.  The last 2 were babies, and it was HARD to let the cats have em, but i did.  That bucket is still out there, and sometimes there is 1 or 2 dead ones in it.  Like i said, best mouse trap ever!  I single-handed, cleared out mice from this hill.  lololol.

Our river has been up a few feet, but it, nor the others, seem to help the lakes levels. Buchanan is still about 30 feet low, but that's from the fullest.  From normal, maybe 24 feet down.  Did read that the El Nina? would be leaving so we would have more of a normal,, (rare we get rain here).  But i've seen our river get on a huge rise in June.  Gosh, i think we got a hundred year rise a few years ago, in June.  I see bluebonnets everywhere so there will be lots of wild flowers this year.  We turn blue,, then red,,,then yellow.  Everywhere you can see, some years.  I WILL get pics.

Ok folks,,on to other things, but yall tc, and



  1. What is it they say about building a better mouse trap?...Can't wait to see wild flower pictures.

    1. Seen this all my life, and im still amazed, its so beautiful.

  2. That was a lot of mice you caught. Nasty little devils.

    they say this spring will be so beautiful here because of all the rain we had. But I will be gone to the mountians by then.

  3. Hectic amount of mice.

    RMan had a cat when I first met him. This feline caught a mouse, brought it inside to show him when he was at work, so that dang cat let it go - inside - where it hid in the back of the washing machine. The cat was being fed topside mince, so the mouse lived on that until we discovered it a good couple of months later. Took 4 hours to catch the monster mouse it had become...

    I'm not fond of cats as a result. LOL

  4. LOL! It’s the first time I’ve heard of someone having so much fun while on operation mouse hunt. That trap is the perfect mouse-terminator! Since so many of them were caught in the “extermination” process, how did you deal with the odor of the dead mice? The smell must be nasty.

    Annabelle Millard

  5. Are you serious? 20 mice?! If it’s just one mouse in a cage, I will find it cute. But seeing 20 wandering around my house is toxic!!! =) Researchers agree that they are the smartest guinea pigs. I am glad you have a unique way of exterminating them. Well, soon, the cats will be experts in detecting and dealing with them. Hahaha! I just hope a dead mouse won’t stink in your property.
    Bridgette Adair