Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loved Whitney

Late yesterday i found out she has passed away.  Sooo sad.  So young.  And i know like so many others, drugs and alcohol had been a major part of her life.  And that's sad too.  Why do the super stars need those crutches?  Last time i had seen her was on Oprah,,and i thot it was a year ago.  Found out today, it was in 09.

Made it to HEB yesterday, late.  Got a big load of groceries, my once a month shopping.  Stopped and ate out at the lake,,where my g/dotter works, and gosh,,it was getting COLD.  Not like this morning tho.  Been cold since i got home, seems like.  Bed was warm, but i was up and down most of the nite.  Not much sleep.  I got a kid's choice off the menu, a cheese enchilada, with green sauce,,chili con queso on the side, with pico in it.  And then,, just ate about 1/2, brought the rest home.  My feet kept hurting during the nite, even tho i took an aleve.  Well, this morning i saw why.  I hadn't taken the med for them.  Can't believe that one dose does that.

Snow flurries?,,,,Sleet?,,,not yet.  It's a maybe tho.

O yeah.  The 6 year old boy that the lion drug off, is back in the hospital, they think an infection.  Well,,,DUH.  Still don't know how to add a link here, but the paper i read is:   Since i can't seem to make it clickable, you can copy and paste it.  And i know about using "link" above.  It's not what i used to do.  Lot of trouble if you ask me...

Not much in plans today.  Need to do more research on the river thing.  I'm still getting a few signatures every day.  Yall tc, and



  1. I don't and never did use drugs. Maybe if I had I would have been a big star and probably dead by now (Grin).

  2. Never even had a puff off pot. Nicotine was my drug, for lots of years. NO MORE,,,lol

  3. Since I worked for the Federal govt and the penalties were steep if you were caught, I never tried any drugs in the 60's. When I was about 37 and no longer in the work force I smoked a joint. Got so sick I thought I would die. To this day the smell of it is repulsive to me.

  4. We had a brother that showed us what drugs would do to you. Our kids never did em,,they had him as an example. It had started with him when he enlisted in the Navy at 17.

  5. Drugs are big time life destroyers. If she could have brought herself to dump Bobby maybe she would never have gotten into that mess.

    Most of the south sure is having some crazy weather right now. Good thing you got your shopping done. Stay warm.

  6. That's all i did yesterday,,,stay warm. Horrible weather here.

  7. I didn't even know about it until I read about it here. I then watched the news online. They didn't know if drugs killed her or not (yet), but more than likely that was the cause. I hate it happened because she was a hell of a singer!