Monday, February 20, 2012

Gotta Walk Slow,,,hahahahaha

Jojo is talking about TV,,lol.  I too love the British comedies, but couldn't find them last nite.  And even here, in the boonies, i get a lot of channels with my outside antenna, better pic than HD too.  Most of the shows i watch are on those.  One tv is on the antenna, other 2 on cable.  If you watch shows on the puter, you get to miss the commercials,,,woohooo,,,maybe 1 or 2 15 second ones.  I've had to do that when i miss one i thot i just had to see, so i watch it later on the puter.  Tonite is full of stuff, gonna have to record The Voice to watch 4 others.  And i like the new one so far,,Smash.

I'm still LMAOOOOO about DDs post!!!  Gotta walk slow to remember what i'm doing.  OMG,,,hahahahahaha.  Tears,,,,DD,,that's the bestest i've EVER heard!  If i try it and it works,,i will apologize,,hahahahaha.  Wonder if it will make me remember today is a holiday.

Just heard the wind pick up, not gonna do much tho.  Yesterday was so nice, i even walked a bit further than i had been doing.  OOO yeah,,need to get my pedometer out,,right now!  Done, and of course, has a dead battery.  NP, get one later.

Ok,,all i've got for today, going to games,,,yall tc, and



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    1. Been playing with settings,,,,AAAAgain. Still don't see how to set it to keep from getting emails on all the comments. Maybe this will take care of that.

  2. Glad you got a laugh from my blog, but if you see me slow down and walk real slow, you will know I am trying to remember where I was headed and what for. . . I think. . .

  3. Cool about the longer walk. I would do you a cheer but don't know any. Just keep going yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Trouble don't own any pompoms either. :O