Friday, February 3, 2012

Football Time!

Bro B called a bit ago, and asked if i wanted a number for a 200.00 pot. YES!!!,,I drew a 9. 10 numbers, 20.00 each. Pays for end of game score. For yall that don"t know how this works,,you add the 2 scores, then take the right side number. 27+12=39,,,,MY 9!! Wish me luck! lololol. He also said his oldest son is playing a football game tomorrow in Marble Falls,,,He is sooo good. Might go. It's some kind of league thing. He made the only score in their last game. He told them at 1/2 time, pass it to ME,,so they did, 4 times in a row, with him catching them all, gaining, then scoring. Love to watch him play. Stupid coach in high school never used him right. He jumps like a deer too, lol.

That little duck is still hopping on one leg, saw it yesterday. I had high hopes, but not so much now.

Going out to Ns house later, haven't been out there in a while. Great weather to be outside. Got 4 more signatures on the petition yesterday, in the neighborhood. Haven't heard back from our game warden yet. And i did call again, left a voice mail. No telling how far a territory he works, so it might take a while to look at it.

A house right on the edge of Llano, burned yesterday, but the worst was, it was just about fully engulfed before it was seen. Out where it was. I feel so bad for them, not home, everything burning. Horrible! When i was in the 3rd grade, our house burned but almost everything was gotten out, not burned. I could see the smoke from the school. Knew it was our house because of the huge oak tree there. That was so horrifying to me, that even after i grew up, if i wasn't home when i heard the fire siren, i would rush there. Now i have scanners. We had that siren until the fire dept. starting using their own scanners, and tones to call.

Got my oatmeal made for lunch, so, yall tc, and



  1. Hope your crippled duck gets better.

  2. I wonder if the duck has fishing line caught up in it. Is there anyone who looks after the park? Poor little guy.