Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday Blues, on Thursday,,,

Hmmm,,, i just DON"T like this new blogger get up.  Looks horrible for one thing.  All white and lite blue.

Went in to use the desk top earlier, and found out i had never put google chrome on, nor taken firefox off.  So that's what i'm doing in there,,  I couldn't get my printer to work from my laptop, had to go use that one.  I was trying to do a prntscr, and never could get it to work.  When i turn the desktop on, i always find lots to do with it.  Updating mainly.  Still got those going.  I really like sitting in that room better, lots of windows to see out of.  But the room is colder, or hotter, than the others.  Won't matter today!!,,,Springtime is here. lololol.

Got it done, and put blogger on the old option.  Got to do this one too.

I'm still tired, and didn't sleep again, last nite, til well after midnite.    So it's a do-nuttin day, too, BB.  Got a good book, good chair,,all i need.

I've been laughing since i read HJs heading on his blog,,,hahahahaha,,talking about Hand Jobs,,  hey HJ,,,didn't you mean,,,Hand Jive?  hahahahaha,,,loved the pics,
 have seen em before, but been a long time.  Zipping it, now,,,hahahahaha.

Got kicked out of a game site,,one time,,,cause i said something,,,Had to sneak back in with another nic,,,and keep my mouth shut.  lolol  OOOO,,,make that 2!!  Didn't want to go back to that other one,,tho,  I told em they sucked.  I was banned for 10,000 days,,,hahahaha,,,You had to pay to use that one, so ,,,,

Ok,,mind's a blank, so yall tc, and



  1. I'm thinking there are a lot of people that thinks blogger sucks now! As far as I'm concerned that's about normal.

  2. Thanks for the laughs today. I can't stop!

  3. Holy cows, calm down lady. There ain't nuttin wrong with blogger. Well maybe a little, but they got most that all straighten out. The trick was to get everyone to download and install different worked....LOLOLOLOLOL.

    I, being a patient man, just waited for stuff to get fixed. It's free ya know. Complain'n don't gonna make nuttin better. I would suggest that everyone close their Google accounts, cancel their blogs an' stuff like that. That would teach Google a lesson, huh? Hee hee hee!!!

  4. I've had Chrome for quite a while. Looked at the comparison chart of browsers, Chrome was 1, IE 2,,FF, 3. But it is strange, that Blogger says it won't work with IE, to use Chrome. The actual words===Your browser does not support Blogger, try Chrome..... lololol
    Gypsy, i love it when i can make someone laugh,,,hahahaha,,,makes my day to read that.
    Agree with you totally, tffn