Friday, January 27, 2012

the GATE


Finally remembered to do this.  Was getting kinda late, but enlarge em and they’re ok.DSCF0005



Not only is the gate all the way across the road, but the ditches are fenced too.  No way around.  Can you tell the road is paved?  Which means it’s a city maintained street, city owned.  (which is US)  LOLOLOL,,,Don’t fence me,,,,OUT.  hahahaha.  Also, I don’t remember if I told you, he does not own both sides, he owns one side, leases the other.  That was the argument that the city manager said why he could do this.  But we don’t think that’s true at all.  Guess we’ll find out.

Today is Friday, which doesn’t mean a thing any more. lolol,,,Used to be,,Party Time!  I was so surprised yesterday to find out the date was the 26th!  hahahah,,,Was paying my taxes and asked.  Got my little gadget, calendar, on this, just need to look at it.  I do look at my sticky notes, and most of the time, glance at the calendar.

I wanted so bad, to ask DD about his swamp, but I have so many times,, I didn’t do it.  Soooo,,,I was really thrilled to see it today.  TYTYTY DD.  Again.

Guess I’m out of things to say, HA,,in print, anyway.  So yall tc, and



  1. That's a big gate. Keep fighting. We have a place here where some crazy lady even went so far as to theating someone with a shot gun if they passed her gate. I wonder what ever became of her? Maybe a nice padded room?

  2. I'm think'n that if you got close enough for pics and found the gate wide open, someone is inside. And if you noticed, the chain was still on the gate. Your DID take a spare lock with you....right?
    I don't think you would go to jail for locking a gate someone forgot to lock.

  3. Sounds like BB has a good sugjestion. Hope you got enough of my swamp for awhile (grin)

  4. LMAOOO,,Don't carry locks around, but maybe i'll look into a can of spray glue.
    DD i never get enough of that swamp. lol